A Friday The 13th Coffee Table Is A Real Thing


Would you like one lump, or two? That's normally the nice way of asking if you would like one cube or two cubes of sugar in your coffee or tea, whichever you prefer, but when you own a Friday The 13th coffee table your guest might greet that question with a panic attack. How great is that?!

Thanks to Australian company Slaughter FX, horror fans can now purchase a coffee table inspired by Jason Voorhees decaying body as seen in the film Friday The 13th VII: The New Blood.

It features a resin mask, head and torso, a latex rib cage, crape hair, and is speckled with hobby dirt.

Slaughter FX is currently out of stock of the table, but you may be able to put in a custom order. This will set you back $600 with a glass topper or $500 without. - bloody-disgusting

Take a peek at the coffee table in the images below.


Friday The 13th reboot will slash into theaters May 13, 2016.