Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 5: A Hen In The Wolf House Recap With Spoilers

The episode opens at a wedding reception for a naval officer. The best man gives his speech and eight guests drinks their champagne. They immediately show symptoms similar to the ones caused by contact with the Obelisk, and fall over dead. The caterers leave and make contact with Bakshi to report.

Coulson’s team get wind of the event. They discuss their options and a possible connection between the Obelisk and the writing that Coulson has had Skye studying. Skye asks his source, and he refuses to divulge. He scolds her for questioning his authority, and she storms off. May warns him that keeping Skye in the dark won’t end well.

The Doctor is working on a subject for a client. Raina enters and the men are angered. Raina says she in trouble and needs the Obelisk. She begs. The Doctor says she should know better after all these years, and that her beginning reminds him of what she was when he first found her years ago. Raina tells him that Whitehall is after the Obelisk. The Doctor calls Whitehall a butcher. Raina says the Doctor is as well and he starts to lose control. The Doctor says he’s just a man trying to put his family back together. Raina says she’s the only one that can bring her to him, and that he needs her. He calms, but still refuses to turn over the Obelisk. Raina says she really wanted to bring her Skye. The Doctor says Skye isn’t her name. Raina leaves, and the client tells the Doctor to finish.

Bakshi calls Simmons and her partner into a meeting to look something over. Daniel Whitehall is there. Her partner says he’s one of Hydra’s new heads. Whitehall is disappointed with their test of the Obelisk. He says that while their founder had the Tesseract, he has waited his whole life to get his hands on the Obelisk. He asks for Simmons opinion of the work that’s been done. She says she doesn’t think the work is too far off, the material is just alien. She tells him they should be able to weaponize the Obelisk if they can get their hands on it.

Back on the Bus, “Simmons” is noting Mack’s impressive physique to Fitz. She notes that Fitz has acknowledged that she’s not real, and that maybe it’s time he moved on.

Hunter walks in on Skye is studying the writing on the back of the painting. He tells her she did the right thing, putting the screws to Coulson. He encourages Skye to dig deeper, based on his experience with his ex. She asks how she’s supposed to do that. Hunter suggests going to see Ward.

Skye tells Ward that he’s the last person she wants to talk to about her father. She accuses him of just trying to find a way in. He says he’ll never lie to her again. She asks him to name his source. He says Raina. She says Raina played him. She moves on to the writing, showing it to Ward. He says he first saw it in Bellerose, and then when Garrett started carving it into the glass after he was injected with GH 325. He checks to make sure its not Skye’s writing. He says Garrett couldn’t stop writing it and that he was almost happy when he died, that the Garrett he knew was already gone and that whatever replaced him wasn’t meant to survive.

Raina goes to Simmons’ Hydra cell and notices her going outside to make contact with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye goes to Coulson and says she knows that he’s his own source. He tells her about when it was triggered and that he thinks it was the GH 325 formula. She notes that she was injected as well, and Coulson says they didn’t tell her about it because he wanted to passively observe her reaction to it. He notes that she didn’t react and thinks it may be because GH 325 was already in her system, that she might be an alien. May interrupts with a phone call from Raina.

Back at Hydra, the alarm goes off and Bobbi Morse enters with Bakshi. She says there’s a mole in the cell who has been sending messages to S.H.I.E.L.D. and that she plans on sniffing them out.

Bakshi and Morse begin their search. Morse comes to Simmons. Morse notes that Simmons worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. for most of her life, and that she was loyal to them up until the fall. They find the device Simmons was using to communicate in her partner’s desk. They take her partner.

Coulson goes to a restaurant to meet Raina, with Skye, May, and Hunter keeping tabs nearby. Raina says she doesn’t have the Obelisk, and Coulson says that doesn’t work for him. She says they both want the same thing. She tells him that Hydra is looking for a spy, and reveals that she knows about Simmons. She shows a photo of Simmons communicating with Hydra and threatens to reveal her to Hydra.

Simmons is in the bathroom, and Morse finds her there. She accuses Simmons of working with her lab partner as a spy, and threatens to comb her hard drive for signs that she is a trader.

Raina says she’ll delete the photo if Skye leaves with her. She says if not, then every Hydra employee will get an automated email with the photo. She sets a timer for two minutes. She tells Coulson she is going to bring Skye to meet her father. Raina knows Skye is listening, and says that her father loves her and that she was taken from him against his will, that he’s spent his entire life looking for her. Coulson refuses. Skye tries to reveals herself, but May stops her. The timer finishes.

Back at Hydra, everyone is watching Simmons. She sees the photo on a monitor screen.

Bakshi leads soldiers to chase after Simmons. Simmons runs. She rounds a corner to see Morse approaching with Hydra guards. Morse pulls out her battle staves and knock out the guards. She tells Simmons not to worry, that Coulson has a plan.

Having called Raina’s bluff, Hunter pulls up a chair next to Coulson and Raina. She tells Coulson about Whitehall and asks Coulson to take her in. He refuses. Hunter tags Raina. Coulson plans on using Raina as bait for Whitehall, and asks Raina how to find Skye’s father.

Morse fills Simmons in on the plan as they head towards the roof. Bakshi is on their tail. Morse sends Simmons to the roof on her own while she heads back to deal with Bakshi. Simmons gets to the roof, but the extraction team that should be there is missing. Morse catches up, shouting southwest corner. She fires some shots at the Hydra guards chasing her, then they take a blind leap off the roof. They land on a cloaked Quinjet. Trip is piloting. They go inside and Morse reveals that she took Simmons’ hard drive. They head back to base.

Hunter tells Raina that Coulson let her off easy as she leaves. May says the address Raina gave them is only a few blocks away. They realize Skye is missing. She enters a building on her own.

Inside the building, Skye finds a photo of The Doctor with a baby. Coulson finds her. She starts to cry and Coulson hugs and comforts her. The Doctor is watching on a tablet form a car. Hunter shows up in the building. They radio May. She says there’s not sign of Skye’s father, but that there’s something they need to see. She’s found The Doctor’s clients, all dead, killed with a scalpel. Seeing that, Skye calls her father a monster. This upsets The Doctor and he smashes the tablet, throwing it out the window.

Simmons, Morse, and Trip return to base. Coulson says that he’s asked Morse to join the team. Simmons sees Fitz and goes to him. He’s a little unsure if she’s real at first. She awkwardly tries to make conversation.

Mack greets Morse as an old friend. Hunter’s jaw drops when he sees her. He’s shocked by her hair, saying he preferred her blonde. Turns out, Morse is his ex-wife. She vouched for him to Coulson to get him on the team in the first place.


Coulson finds Skye and they talk about her father. She says he knows Coulson is going after her father, that she knows he’s a bad guy and that he has the Obelisk. She says she doesn’t care anymore, she only cares that they stop him. She says if they’re going to do this, he needs to be completely honest with her. He agrees and says they should probably get started. He hits to a button to reveal a hidden wall with his writing. The wall is full, and he says he did it all just yesterday. Skye says she has a theory. She thinks the writing is a map.

Bakshi is reporting to Whitehall on the dismantling of the lab when The Doctor walks in with a case. Bakshi order him removed, but The Doctor kills the guards with his scalpel. He opens the case the reveal the Obelisk. He says in its native language it’s called the Diviner. Whitehall asks to be taught how to use it. The Doctor offers to teach him how to survive. He says they share a common enemy: Phil Coulson.