All-New X-Men's Bendis Teases Character Death, Teases His Editor

Superstar Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, discussing his new role as caretaker of the X-Men, teased the future of his Marvel Now books in an interview today, including suggesting that we could see the death of one of the younger versions of the X-Men.

"After eight years of being the chief architect of the Avengers, I've moved over to the X-Men, which is a scary proposition, but very very exciting," Bendis told MTV Geek in a video interview you can see below. "My biggest fear about becoming an X-Men writer is that I had done a lot of stuff to the X-Men universe without being an X-Men writer. Like House of M, I gave Wolverine his memories back, I killed Charles Xavier. I know it shows a lot of destruction, but to me it showed a lot of love and affection for the X-Men."

The writer explained that with All-New X-Men, he's trying to achieve the feeling of classic X-Men stories, "without ripping them off."

And, for the fun of messing with fans or possibly as a teaser for the future, Bendis asked, "What if one of them dies?" After a long pause during which he sat smirking, he asked, "What happens then?"


The video also features some footage from a Marvel creative summit, during which time Bendis antagonizes series editor Nick Lowe about the look of the modern-day Beast, telling him that he prefers the George Perez version of the character and then confiding in the camera that he's doing so at least in part because Lowe gets so worked up over the debate.

Check out the full video below.