Ant-Man Trailer Has Been Classified, Should Be Released Soon

20140818175133!Ant-Man logo

The first trailer for Ant-Man has been classified by the Alberta Film Classification board.

A trailer is usually released shortly after it is classified. It’s unclear what film the trailer would run in front of, however. The only Disney release in close proximity is Into the Woods, opening on Christmas Day, which may be too close to have the trailer ready for. However, it’s not unheard of for a studio to advertise a major film in front of another studio’s release, so perhaps it will appear in front of an unexpected film in January.

The trailer’s runtime is 1 minute and 48 seconds, so it will be more than a simple tease, and the trailer (not the film itself) is rated PG, so it will likely run in front of a film with a similar or lesser rating. The trailer will likely be release online shortly after it’s theatrical debut, if not before that.

Ant-Man opens in theaters July 17.