Arrow: A Closer Look at Ray Palmer's A.T.O.M. Costume, With Comments From Brandon Routh

Last night's episode of Arrow fulfilled a promise made by the producers -- that being, fans would have a better sense for Ray Palmer's endgame by the time the seventh episode of the season was over.

"No -- that would be awesome, but I think the missile launcher from Season One isn't advanced enough to qualify. It did kind of look the same in the design and that was kind of an accident although it would be awesome if that was the case," Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told of Ray's peeks into the O.M.A.C. Project files. "We have a different plan and you'll get a chance to get a pretty good idea of what Ray has in mind or up his sleeve by the end of Episode Seven."

That's because we saw him using Queen Consolidated's technology and resources to render a mock-up of an "A.T.O.M. Exosuit," something that looks quite a bit like the exosuit the character has been spotted wearing in the New 52 when operating as the size-changing superhero The Atom.

While Guggenheim has also said that Ray won't be shrinking on Arrow anytime soon, the initial casting call listed him as a tech-powered vigilante. So -- whatever he ends up becoming -- what does the tech he's powered by look like? Check it out below...

It's worth speculating, perhaps, whether the "One Man" part of "One Man Army Corps" (O.M.A.C.) might carry over to Palmer's exosuit now that it's an acronym.


Routh also talked about the suit a little bit on Twitter, where he was live-tweeting last night's episode. You can check out the (very brief) remarks he made about the A.T.O.M. Exosuit below.

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