Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Star Ben Affleck Is Statistically The Best Director Of the Decade

Bearing in mind that it's impossible to accurately apply math to something as subjective as art criticism, this is still kind of cool: Apparently, Ben Affleck is the best director of the last ten years, according to The Roosevelts.

The site used scores at review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to compare the work of eleven elite directors, including Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee, David Fincher, Wes Anderson and more. They didn't explain just how they came to the original list of eleven, other than the fact that the names on the list are pretty obvious ones.

Using Rotten Tomatoes scores of every film the directors have made over the last ten years to populate the lists, The Roosevelts teamed with with visual agency Column Five  and their visual data software arm, Visage to create and automate the reports. What they came away with was a fairly overwhelming "win" for Affleck, whose average Tomatometer score -- 94.67 -- was more than 8 points above the next-highest director (David Fincher, at 86.2). Nolan, for those keeping track at home, came in fourth while Quentin Tarantino was sixth and Steven Spielberg eighth.

It's a cool "study" to check out -- especially enlightening when you look at some of what seems to drag people down (like Ron Howard's massive blockbuster adaptations of Dan Brown novels) versus what seems to move them up the list (apparently, being less prolific, as Fincher has only five movies in ten years and Affleck three). Just don't take it too seriously and go nuclear in the comments (oh, who am I kidding?)...