Caity Lotz on The Differences Between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Sara's Love Life, And More

(Photo: CW/WB)

She's battled Deathstroke, been resurrected by John Constantine and now she'll head into the timestream to battle Vandal Savage alongside Rip Hunter and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

She's Caity Lotz -- or rather, her Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow character, Sara Lance. The OG Canary is set to fly again alongside The Atom, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and a pair of The Flash's rogues on board The Waverider, Rip Hunter's timeship.

Lotz joined to talk a little bit about what's coming up for the series, which debuts on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Fans can meet Lotz at the upcoming Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New York.

I remember talking to Brandon Routh and his saying that he started shooting Legends before he was back to life on Arrow. Did you have any trouble getting into the swing of where your character was supposed to be?

No, I started shooting Arrow before I started shooting our show. I came on the first part of Season Four of Arrow in August and then we didn't go into production on Legends of Tomorrow until September.

You really seem from the first couple of episodes to be able to bounce off of anybody and to have kind of an everyman quality on the cast. Would you say that's fair?

I don't know; I guess she is kind of the most normal because she doesn't have a super power but she also died and came back to life and was trained by the League of Assassins; she hasn't had a normal life at all. So I guess I would and I wouldn't agree with that.

Are there any particular characters you're enjoying having a chance to work with?

You know, it's always so different, every dynamic we get to explore. I just had a scene with [Heat Wave], the character played by Dominic Purcell, and we hadn't really had a scene together yet, and it was great. Him and Captain Cold, I think Sara has a lot of fun with them.

There's a lot of dynamic energy that happens with Rip, which is interesting and fun to play. We yell at each other and disagree a lot.

Do you think that getting away from your family and Nyssa and everything -- as hard as it is -- is actually kind of freeing for Sara?

I think there's always so much guilt and fear and responsibility of having her loved ones around her, she felt like she was hurting them and letting them down all the time. I think it has been a little bit more freeing for her, but I think the Legends have given her an opportunity to have a purpose.

What's she been doing with her life? She had all these skills and has all these really shitty life experiences and is looking for an opportunity to make alchemy out of that. "Okay, I'm glad I was on that boat that one day because now I've saved the world and I've helped people."

You're characterized as kind of a little lost, and in search of that kind of direction, in the pilot. Did you feel that when you were on Arrow or is that kind of a new element to Sara?

I think Season Two [of Arrow] was fabulous character season for Sara. She got to do a lot and change a lot and do a lot and experience a lot.

Then Season Three, there was nothing really there. She dies, and then she's lying there dead. I don't think Season Three was a good one for her. Season Four, I only did a couple of episodes but that was all setting up for Legends.

Now, this is a giant character piece, especially the first season and the first two episodes in particular in about setting up a big story that's very plot driven. As it goes, it gets deeper and more character driven and I really like that.

Does she find it hard to shift gears from fighting guys with swords to fighting time-traveling immortals?

Sara is Sara. Sara adjusts to whatever scenario she's in. I don't think thematically or tonally — actually Tonally there's a difference between Arrow and Legends. There's a levity and it is adjusting to that, which is a little bit of challenge.

What about you? Do you have trouble feeling like you're staying true to Sara in a show that's so light and bouncy compared to Arrow?

No, because our show is insane. Our show is everything. It's super-funny-lighthearted and then it's really dramatic and dark. Some people say it's not like The Avengers because it's so dark and others are "this is totally like The Avengers." it's got its own thing and I don't know how it does it but it manages to go all over the place but still always feel like it's the same show.

As you're bouncing through tones, you're also bouncing through eras. Do you have a favorite time you've visited yet?

The seventies was pretty fun. Also, the next episode, which I'm probably not allowed to say where we're going yet but I'm really looking forward to it. The one that Sara didn't like character-wise was the fifties, that idealistic suburbia kind of perfection and all of that sexism. She definitely wasn't into the fifties. But that was fun to make, because of all the wardrobe and the cars and everything.

That said, you've got a love interest coming out of the Fifties. I thought when I read that, it was a little bit of an odd fit having a "Fifties woman" for Sara. Is she going to recur, or is it just going to be a one-off?

Yeah, it is [a little weird]. As of right now it's just that episode but you never know.

What about Nyssa? Do you think we'll see that resolved this year, or is there just too much else to deal with on your plates?

As of now, they have not gone into [Nyssa] and I think this season is not about love for Sara Lance. She needs to figure out who she is, figure out herself.

They haven't addressed it. I would love for them to. I love Katrina, and everyone loves [Nyssa] with Sara. I'm sure we'll address it, I can't imagine that we never will.