Dad Dresses Toddler As Godzilla & Makes The Most Adorable Short Film

While toddlers are known for throwing the occasional temper tantrum, none have ever devastated a city...until now. The Youtube blogger SillySocks released a new video a few weeks ago, showing his dressed up as Godzilla and destroying a (cardboard) city.

The video features "Godzilly" unleashing her atomic breath on scores of helpless toy soldiers before her assault is finally stopped by "Mothradog" in an epic battle too adorable to describe. Let's just hope that "Godzilly" doesn't actually have atomic breath, or else her future attacks might result in more than a few toys getting vaporized.


This is SillySock's first YouTube video, although he promises more videos featuring his family are on the way. One picture in his YouTube header shows SillySock's daughter dressed up as the Street Fighter character Chun Li, so expect a video game themed video in the not too distant future. So far, the Godzilly video has received over 91,000 views, which is pretty promising for a first time YouTuber. Check out SillySock's YouTube channel here.