DC Teases Young Superman & Female Green Lantern In Rebirth

DC Rebirth Header
(Photo: DC Comics)

The lead up to DC Comic's big Rebirth panel at Wonder Con has been filled with teases of how the new universe will look, and a few more have dropped today.

In the first teaser, it looks as if there is a new female green lantern, which you can see in the admittedly blurry screenshot below. Personally, I believe it to be Jessica Cruz, the unfortunate soul that was burdened with Power Ring's (Lantern from Earth 3) ring after he died in Forever Evil. It could be someone new as well, but my money's on her.

(Photo: DC Comics)

The second reveal shows a slightly tweaked Damian Wayne alongside a young Superboy. The suit is actually a Superman themed hoodie, and if this means there is another Young Justice-like book in store, I'm all in.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Stay tuned for more coverage of DC's Rebirth event, all the way up until the big reveal on Saturday, March 26th.