Early Look At Daredevil #12

Catching up from a crazy weekend, we didn't have the chance to show you a first look at Daredevil #12.  The series has picked up a new artist in Chris Samnee (Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Ultimate Comics Spiderman) to pair with outstanding writer Mark Waid. "I've been a lifelong Daredevil fan and Mark happens to be one of my all-time favorite funnybook writers, said Samnee. "I've have been head over heels for this latest run of DD since I first caught a glimpse of Paolo's onomatopoeia filled cover for issue one. When Chris's pages come in over email, I drop everything to admire them" explained Waid. "He's astounding." The issue centers on Matt Murdock, who finally finds time to go out on a date with assistant district attorney Kirsten McDuffie.  Unfortunately for Murdock, McDuffie is looking to uncover Daredevil's identity—no matter the cost. "Daredevil" #12 hits stands May 2nd.