Family Guy’s Brian Griffin Officially Returns From The Dead

Brian Griffin Family Guy

Three weeks ago, Seth MacFarlane and FOX shocked the world by killing off Brian Griffin on Family Guy. The beloved pooch was struck by a car and killed. After Brian Griffin’s funeral, the Griffin family even wound up getting a new dog named Vinny.

Family Guy fans were outraged, and a petition demanding Brian Griffin’s return gained over 125,000 signatures. Of course, there was immediate speculation that Brian Griffin would return from the dead. One popular fan theory that developed was that Brian Griffin would return in the “Christmas Guy” episode, because the episode description noted, “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.”

It turns out that the fan theory was right on the money. During tonight’s “Christmas Guy” episode of Family Guy, Stewie told a mall Santa Claus that what he wanted for Christmas was his friend Brian back. Stewie burst into tears, and Santa was confused that Stewie wanted him to put a dead dog under his tree.

Vinny the Dog winds up taking Stewie shopping for toys to cheer him up. At the mall, Stewie spots his past self, who traveled to the future to buy a Christmas toy. Stewie realizes that his time machine is in his past self's backpack, so he has Vinny steal the backpack. Stewie then uses the time machine to travel to the past and saves Brian before he get hits by a car.