Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose Recap With Spoilers

Game of Thrones - The Lion and the Flower

“The Lion and the Rose” opens with Ramsay Snow hunting in the woods. A girl is running away from his hounds. Theon trails behind. A girl is with Ramsay, named Miranda, and she puts an arrow in the girl’s leg. Ramsay and Miranda let the hounds eat the girl while Theon watches.

Tyrion is eating with Jaime. Jaime spills his wine with his false hand. Jaime tells Tyrion that he cannot fight, and Tyrion tells Jaime to learn to command, since he is the Lord Commander now. In the meantime, Tyrion encourages Jaime to train his left hand with Bronn.

Bronn and Jaime find a safe place to practice on the coast and begin their training.

Roose Bolton arrives home at the Dreadfort. He introduces Walda Frey to Ramsay. Ramsay brings Theon, now Reek, to Roose. Roose is not pleased with Theon’s state. Ramsay points out that the flayed man is on their banner and Roose points out that, as a bastard, they are not Ramsay’s banners. Roose wanted to trade Theon to Balon Greyjoy in return for Moat Cailen, but now that’s not an option. Roose feels he put too much trust in Ramsay. In order to show how fully broken Theon is, he allows him to shave his face. Ramsay then has Theon tell Roose the truth about Bran and Rickon Stark. Ramsay also finally breaks the news about Robb to Theon, just as Theon is putting a razor to Ramsay’s throat, but Theon just continues to shave him. Roose sends Locke to find Bran and Rickon and sends Ramsay to take Moat Cailen.

Back in King’s Landing, Varys informs Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae, but Tyrion doesn’t know what to do.

Joffrey is receiving wedding gifts. Lord Tyrell gives him a goblet with the sigils of the great houses on them. Cersei points out Shae to Tywin Lannister, and Tywin tells her to have Shae brought to the Tower of the Hand before the wedding. Tyrion gives Joffrey a book titled Lives of Four Kings, chronicling the lives of four great Targaryen kings. Joffrey is strangely grateful. Tywin gives Joffrey the other Valyrian steel sword he had forged from Ice. Joffrey uses it to destroy the book Tyrion gave him. He then names the sword Widow’s Wail.

Back in Tyrion’s quarters, Shae sneaks in. She is flirtatious, but Tyrion is cold. He tells her their friendship cannot continue and that there is a ship in the harbor bound for Pentos.  He says that he needs to uphold his wedding vows. Shae knows that he’s afraid of his family, but she says she’s not afraid. He calls her a whore and says he needs to have Sansa give him children, not Shae. He tells her their time is over. She begins to cry. He tells her she’ll be comfortable in Pentos and brings in Bronn to escort her to her ship. Shae slaps Bronn and leaves.

Melisandre is burning Stannis' former court, including his former Hand and brother-in-law, Lord Florent. His wife, Selyse, watches on happily. Davos questions the wisdom of this, but Stannis does not listen. Stannis, Selyse, and Melisandre share a tense dinner. Selyse tells of fond memories, but Stannis is not so warm. They begin talking of their daughter, Shireen. Selyse wants to use the rod on her, but Stannis forbids it. Selyse suggests that Melisandre talk to her.

Melisandre goes to see Shireen. They talk of the burning of Lord Florent. Melisandre tells Shireen the burned went to a better place, but Shireen isn’t buying it. Melisandre tells her that the Seven are lies, that there are only two gods: the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness.

A wolf is hunting in the woods. He takes down a deer. Bran wakes up. Meera tells him he was gone for hours. Bran says he was hungry, but Jojen tells him he can’t survive on Summer’s meals. Jojen warns him that its dangerous to remain in Summer for too long, or he may forget what it’s like to be human. As the group travels, they come to an odd tree. Hodor brings Bran to it. There is a face carved in it, like a Godswood. Bran puts his hand to it and sees the three-eyed crow, and then his father. He sees other visions, himself falling from the window in Winterfell, a dragon’s shadow over a city. A voice says “look for me beneath the tree. North.”

The royal wedding takes place in the Great Sept at King’s Landing. Tywin discusses the cost of the wedding with Olenna Tyrell. She reminds Tywin of the looming threat of the Iron Bank. The great feast is taking place, with jugglers and fire breathers. Bronn tells Tyrion that Shae is gone, on the ship to Pentos. Olenna approaches Sansa and says how sorry she is about what happened to Robb. She encourages Tyrion to bring Sansa to visit Highgarden.

Margaery makes a speech. She declares that King Joffrey has decided that the leftovers from the feast will be given to the poorest in King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Loras Tyrell and Oberyn Martell makes eyes at each other. Jaime comes up behind him and asks him about his pending marriage to Cersei, warning him that Cersei will murder Loras and their children, but that he doesn’t have to worry because they will never marry. Loras reminds Jaime that neither will he, then walks away.

Brienne greets Margaery and Joffrey. As she walks away, Cersei approaches her, reminding her that she is a lady whether she likes it or not. She thanks Brienne for bringing Jaime back, but Brienne says Jaime saved her more than once. Cersei calls Brienne on having feelings for Jaime, and she can’t deny it but walks away.

Cersei approaches Maester Pycell. She sends Pycell to the kitchens to tell them to feed the leftovers to dogs, not the poor. She threatens to feed Pycell to the dogs if he doesn’t do as she says.


Ser Dontos is performing. Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand run into Cersei and Tywin and introductions are made. Cersei is taken aback by a bastard’s presence. They trade barbs, until Oberyn subtly brings up his sister’s murder by The Mountain.

Just then, Joffrey calls for attention. Out of a giant constructed lion’s mouth comes five dwarves dressed up as the kings from the War of the Five Kings. They begin to mock battle each other. Most of the crowd enjoys it, but Tyrion, Sansa and the Martells are not amused. Tyrion tells Podrick to pay each of the dwarves twenty gold when they’re done. Joffrey is laughing so hard he spits wine. Instead of offering them their pay, Joffrey encourages Tyrion to go out and fight. He politely declines and instead encourages Joffrey to show the crowd how a true king wins his thrown, and slyly implies that a dwarf may deflower him if he does. Joffrey takes his cup of wine and pours it on Tyrion’s head. Margaery tries to deflate the situation by calling Joffrey back, but Joffrey decides Tyrion should be his cupbearer. Tyrion complies, trying to avoid further conflict, but Joffrey purposely drops and kicks away the goblet. Sansa stands and gets the goblet for Tyrion. Tyrion fills the cup. Joffrey commands Tyrion to kneel. Tyrion stands until Margaery points out the arrival of the giant wedding pie. Joffrey cuts into it with Widow’s Wail and live doves fly out, though a few were decapitated by Joffrey’s slice. Tyrion and Sansa try to leave, but Joffrey commands him to come back and serve as cupbearer while he eats pie. Tyrion takes the cup from in front of Olenna and gives it to Joffrey. Joffrey drinks and begins to choke and cough. Joffrey falls to the ground. Jaime and Cersei rush Joffrey, but there’s nothing to do. Joffrey dies looking at Tyrion. Cersei immediately blames Tyrion and has him arrested.