How to Gain Massive XP in Pokemon Go

If you want to be the very best in Pokemon Go, you'll need to level up in a hurry. While just [...]


If you want to be the very best in Pokemon Go, you'll need to level up in a hurry. While just about everything in Pokemon Go gives you XP (catching Pokemon, visiting PokeStops, beating gyms, hatching eggs, evolving Pokemon are just a few of the ways), you'll find that it will take longer and longer to level up as you reach higher levels, unless you use a few simple tricks.

The quickest way to give your level a jumpstart is to use a Lucky Egg. A Lucky Egg doubles the amount of XP you collect for a half hour. Players will earn Lucky Eggs when they reach certain levels and they're also available to purchase in a shop. Make sure you activate a Lucky Egg in an area with lots of Pokemon and PokeStops to maximize the effect. You might also want to use a Lure Module or Incense to ensure that you'll catch at least a few new Pokemon while the Lucky Egg is working.

Another way to quickly rack up XP is to evolve multiple Pokemon at once. While it might get tiresome to catch Pidgey, Weedles and Caterpie, all three Pokemon only take 12 Candies to evolve. That means that if you stockpile Candy by catching and transferring Pokemon, you'll be able to evolve several of all three Pokemon at the same time. Evolving a Pokemon gives you 500 XP (1000 XP while using a Lucky Egg), which is more XP than just about any other action in the game.

Timing your PokeBall throws and hitting the center of the target circle will also give you a small XP boost. You'll also earn more XP when defeating a gym with a weaker Pokemon than the gym's defending Pokemon. Use type advantages to help offset your weaker CP Pokemon, and you should be just fine!

One final tip is to head to an area with lots of PokeStops. City parks and downtown areas often have multiple PokeStops clustered together, which means you can create a PokeStop loop to visit multiple times. Each PokeStop visit gives you 50 XP, but if you can hit five or six PokeStops quickly, you'll be able to boost your XP (and collect items, too!) PokeStops take about five minutes to reset, so find a route that maximizes the amount of spots you can visit in a five minute stretch. Be sure to have an egg incubating while walking on your PokeStop loop, as egg hatching will also give you XP.

Pokemon Go is available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.