Image Comics the new Home for Hack/Slash

Some big news from the Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend! Tim Seeley, the creator of the increasingly popular comic book Hack/Slash announced that he is making the move from Devil's Due Publishing to Image Comics, the largest company featuring creator-owned content. Seeley has stated that Devil's Due has agreed to the transition, and that June will see the release of the first new book in the Hack/Slash line of materials. The first book from Image, titled Hack/Slash: My First Maniac, will take place in the past of main character Cassie Hack. For those unaware of the book, this is the perfect jumping on point, as it explores Cassie's first case and how she came to be a teenage avenger who fights against monsters and killers in the mold of Hollywood "slashers". The move to Image will also certainly ensure a more timely publication schedule, something that Devil's Due could not always guarantee, making new issues of the book sporadic.