Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Kate Leth, & Amy Dallen Team For New Webseries "Alpha"

Legendary Digital Networks (LDN) announced that its standalone membership video platform, Alpha, [...]

Legendary Digital Networks (LDN) announced that its standalone membership video platform, Alpha, has launched with a full slate of programs including an all-new digital series created by Grayson writers Jackson Lanzing, In the series, called VAST, Lanzing joins other noted comic book luminaries – including Collin Kelly, Kate Leth, and Amy Dallen - in a completely original science fiction role-playing game.

VAST is one of many new programs that will be debuting on Alpha, which is a joint venture from LDN's leading channels, Nerdist and Geek & Sundry, that delivers exclusive, premium content in ways that empower their legions of fans to engage, connect and tap into their favorite programs. Among the other programs launching today are ESCAPE (hosted by Janet Varney), WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE (hosted by Epic Rap Battles Zach Sherwin), SIDEKICK WITH MATT MIRA and more. Please see below for more details on these programs.

The industry's first completely interactive video and membership platform, Alpha delivers exclusive, premium content in ways that empower their legions of fans to engage, connect and tap into their favorite programs. The platform will allow members to interact with each other as well as with the content and personalities through live video capabilities including chat, polling, allowing viewers to appear live, on-screen during shows, and more.

Alpha is groundbreaking for both Nerdist and Geek & Sundry as they come together to offer online and offline perks to members, including special event access, prizing, product discounts, and more. Alpha's mission is to put its community of viewers first, offering a highly immersive, interactive experience with original content and access to notable tastemakers within the pop culture landscape. The service is available on desktop with an iOS app to follow soon.

"Alpha is going to bring our members closer together by offering new types of immersive and interactive content," said Rymer. "Our hope is to create a unique, shared community experience that continuously pushes the envelope forward with respect to what can be created within digital platforms."

With all Alpha programs, users will become a part of an inclusive community with access to features and content not found anywhere else. Examples of unique programming include live watch-alongs with celebrity guests, game shows with members as the contestants, and scripted offerings where the audience can influence the outcomes. There will also be numerous opportunities to host live discussions about members' favorite cultural subjects.

You can check out the first episode:

A diverse slate of shows from the two channels is now available, featuring a mix of both live programming as well as new and returning fan-favorites. In regards to existing programming, members will have access to select episodes of existing fan favorite Nerdist and Geek & Sundry shows including The Dan Cave hosted by Nerdist Senior Editor Dan Casey, Co-Optitude featuring Felicia Day and Ryon Day, Because Science hosted by Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, and more, 48 hours before the shows are available anywhere else.

Please find below some of the launch programs for Alpha:

Watch Your Language

Comedy, wordplay, hip-hop, this show has it all! A thirty-minute mixture of live and pre-taped segments, comedian/rapper Zach Sherwin ("Epic Rap Battles") examines the world around him from his unique perspective. Sherwin dives deep down the rabbit hole of funny and meets audiences at the intersection of funny, relevant, and super smart word-nerdery with Watch Your Language!

Talks Machina

Talks Machina is the official Critical Role after/talk show hosted by writer and friend of the Critical Role cast, Brian Wayne Foster. The show features a unique and completely fan-centered format, with cast members, super-fans, and celebrity guests breaking down the previous week's episode. The audience has the chance to win some exclusive and limited edition Critical Role merchandise, tickets to live events, and a chance to be on the show and ask the cast questions of their own.


Hosted by comedian Janet Varney, Geek & Sundry brings the newest trend sweeping the world, escape rooms to the screen with ESCAPE! Teams of celebrities like Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead), Alison Haislip, Ingrid Oliver (Doctor Who), Burnie Burns (Rooster Teeth), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) work together to solve complex puzzles and enigmatic riddles to ESCAPE the room before time runs out!

Sidekick with Matt Mira

The other guys, the number twos, the Sidekicks. You've all heard of them, and if you can't figure out who yours is… well, it's probably you. And as co-host of the Nerdist podcast, Matt Mira gets it. Mira acts as the ultimate late-night talk show sidekick to a brand new, different "guest host" each week on Sidekick.

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What happens when esteemed comic book creator Jackson Lanzing plays Game Master to an intrepid space exploration crew in a completely original science fiction role-playing game? VAST! Lanzing guides a crew of rotating celebrity guests, (rife with audience interactions!) through the sprawling universe of VAST, navigating this space opera with countless unique stories to tell.

To sign up for a free 30-day trial, go to projectalpha.com.