James Gunn Says Whatever Else He Does For Marvel Will Probably Be In Marvel Cosmic

James GunnTo the surprise of no one, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn isn't looking to become the next guy to jump onto an Iron Man or Avengers sequel.

During a lengthy podcast interview, the filmmaker was asked whether he might take on another Marvel property outside of the world of the Guardians, and Gunn indicated that it's likely anything he did for the studio would be at least tied to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe that he helped establish with this summers' biggest hit.

"Well, I have old answers that I used to say which were like Hit-Monkey and Thunderbolts and the like, but DC is doing Suicide Squad, so I'm not so sure Thunderbolts are applicable anymore," Gunn admitted. "Sadly, but looking forward to Suicide Squad. But for me, it really is about...whatever I do for Marvel will probably be characters within Marvel Cosmic, which would be characters which are connected to this part of the universe. And if I told you too much who I'm interested in, then I would probably give out too many secrets."

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Gunn said something similar about directing a Star Wars film, noting that he wasn't particularly interested by playing in somebody else's sandbox.

"I have no interest in it," he said of Star Wars, just days before the trailer was released. "I really like creating my own thing. I wouldn't have been interested in doing a sequel to another Marvel film. What really excited me about Guardians was being able to create my own universe and that's what excites me. Star Wars is my thing as an audience member, but it's not my thing as a creator; it's not what I'm into doing."