Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Super Excited About Playing Negan On The Walking Dead


During the question and answer portion of the Supernatural convention in Pasadena, California last week, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy, Watchmen) was asked about landing the coveted role of Negan in The Walking Dead. He said he was well aware of who Negan was before he got the offer and explained why he is excited about playing the villainous role.

"I've kind of become accustomed to playing sort of the good guy. You know, maybe a rough exterior with a heart of gold in there somewhere," Morgan shared. "I think the challenge for me in this role is going to be: Is there any heart in Negan? And for me, I look at that as a challenge as an actor and that's the kind of thing I embrace and really look forward to. I'm super-excited about it. It's going to be cool." He added, "I promise you, it will be something different than what you've seen me do."

Listen to Morgan's comments in the video below.

Negan is the ruthless leader of this group who likes killing and cursing - a lot. I mean, he literally has a line where he says about 20 words and not one of them isn't the f-word, the c-word, or mother. He carries a barbed wire bat around named Lucille and Lucille is the only lady/person he treats with respect, despite enforcing a rule of no raping among his gang. She gets thirsty and he gives her blood to drink. For more on Negan click here.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make his first appearance as Negan in Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.