More People are Playing the Pokemon Theme Song on Spotify

pokemon theme song
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Go is having a positive effect on businesses across America. From Nintendo's stock jumping up 25% after the release of the game to restaurants and retail stores benefiting from increased traffic because of PokeStops, there's proof that Pokemon Go may be singlehandedly saving the US economy. Spotify is also benefiting from the Pokemon Go craze, albeit in a nostalgia driven way.

The music streaming service is reporting that plays of the original theme song to the Pokemon anime series have gone up 362% since Pokemon Go came out last week. As of today, the five most streamed songs on Spotify are all Pokemon related, one of which is the "PokeRap" that played at the end of every episode of the anime. Presumably, Spotify users are using the service while walking around their neighborhood searching for Pokemon on Pokemon Go.

If Pokemon Go users are looking to further reminisce about their Pokemon-themed childhood, the first season of the Pokemon anime can be watched on Netflix. The Pokemon anime still airs on Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network, although many viewers won't recognize anyone besides Ash and Pikachu.

Pokemon Go is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.