New Dredd Featurette Goes Under the Helmet

In a new featurette released by Lionsgate today, Dredd 3D star Karl Urban and Judge Dredd creator John Wagner discuss the enduring appeal of the character, and what makes him tick.

Urban, who plays Judge Dredd in the film but never takes his helmet off in it, says that with Dredd, what's under the helmet doesn't really matter.

"He doesn't have an alter ego--no Clark Kent, no Bruce Wayne. What you see with Dredd is what you get," the actor explains.

"He's your greatest hero and your biggest nightmare wrapped up in one," says Wagner of the character he created 35 years ago.


There's more here, including some nice clips from the movie and a few words from director Pete Travis and writer Alex Garland about Urban's iteration of the classic character.

Dredd will be in theaters on September 21.