New God of War PS4 Trailer Revealed

The Sony Press Conference started with a rollicking performance by an all-male choir, a full orchestra, and a female soloist. All of that led up to the premiere of an all-new God of War. Kratos is old, and has what seems to be a son. The son's mother has recently died.

He has a beard, and is trying to teach his son to hunt. Some kind of demon jumps out and screams at them, but Kratos, with magic infusing into his axe, makes short work of them. As they run along, more jump out, and suddenly a giant emerges from the ground. He screams about Valhalla - Kratos is taking on the Norse pantheon. As Kratos fights the giant, he gains Spartan Rage, and goes APE on the giant.

When Kratos has the thing almost dead, Kratos tells the boy to kill it, and he fires his arrow after hesitating - and shoots Kratos in the shoulder. He deals the death blow to what we learned is a troll.

(Photo: Sony)

Dauthamunni discovered comes across, written like Norse runes. Yes, the boy calls Kratos "Father." They continue hunting the deer, and this time his son hits it dead on. Kratos tells his son to deal the killing blow with the knife of his mother, and he again hesitates. Kratos helps him guide the knife in.


"Now you are ready," Kratos says. "For what?" asks his son. "A new beginning." It pans out, and a dragon flies by them. God of War is coming from Santa Monica Studio.