Out of Time: Dan Jurgens on Superman: Lois and Clark #2, And What Henshaw Is Up To


Last week, just before Americans started to consume mass quantities of turkey, DC Comics released Superman: Lois and Clark #2.

The second issue in the continuing adventures of the pre-Flashpoint Lois Lane and Clark Kent (along with their son Jonathan), Lois and Clark has been a fan- and critics'-favorite so far, bringing some a lot of potential to tie into elements of the pre-2011 DC Universe with the world of now.

As usual, Dan Jurgens joined us to discuss the issue.

Please note that instead of doing a twice-monthly column now, Jurgens will be joining us on alternating months to discuss Superman: Lois and Clark and Batman Beyond, two issues at a time, so that we can have a little bit more meat on the bones we're picking over. Watch for our Batman Beyond #7 interview soon.

You can pick up a copy of Superman: Lois and Clark #2 here, and a copy of the Superman: Lois and Clark Special, which was released earlier this month, here.

Is Shel related to Emil Hamilton? They...kinda look alike!

They are not related. I see the similarity but it’s really just coincidental.

I'm kind of surprise the government following Clark is a storyline we're following up on. What can you tell us about Chambers?

Chambers’ story is one that’s a bit shrouded in mystery. It’ll take a bit of time to unfold.

At the core of it all, however, is the notion that he isn’t chasing Superman as much as he’s chasing down unexplained occurrences. Even though Superman has been operating in the shadows, it stands to reason that someone would start to see that there’s something odd happening. How many volcanoes can extinguish themselves? How many tsunamis can suddenly die down?

It’s really kind of fun to play with the idea that we have a hero who’s been here for a number of years, doing all sorts of wonderful things, operating behind the scenes.

With the military involved here, what happens if General Lane meets Lois White?

That would pose definite problems.


Why Shockwave for the villain here? It's been a long time since you used him!

I’ve always liked the character. More than that, however, I needed someone who derived their powers from equipment.

You’ll see reasons for that in issue 3.

Any particular reason for Chicago as the staging ground?

Only that we’re trying to establish the idea that Superman operates globally. With powers like that, the entire world is his backyard.

I like the 1938 on the mailbox. You guys seem to be pretty free with the Easter eggs relative to other post-Flashpoint books. Is that a conscious choice or just how the book comes out?

These are conscious choices. That’s part of what makes fandom fun.

A tip of the cap to Lee Weeks on this one. That idea was entirely his, and it really contributes to the atmosphere of the book. I loved it as soon as I saw it!

Even without knowing who Lois is, Intergang still knows they're in this small California town, though, right?

No. They first caught sight of Lois in the city and followed her from there. It’s free ranging enough that they could be from any number of places. So, they know the area, nothing else. Again, more on that next issue.

Between the tire iron and the look of him kind of "listening" to Lois and Clark from the window, is it possible Jonathan already has powers?

I don’t know that you need powers to take down a bad guy. A tire iron can make quite an impact, even at the hands of a young boy.

Plain black shirt Clark reminds me a bit of one of those early Byrne issues and the "they all wanted a piece of me" scene. Was that on purpose?

It wasn’t, but I can see where you’d draw that conclusion. It’s a great scene so I certainly don’t have a problem with that.

It’s also a scene that occurred before the advent of cell phones!


Wait...Hank Henshaw is white?!...I kid, but did you guys consider synching him up with SUPERGIRL?

We talked about that but decided that the connection to Clark’s past— and the worry it would cause him— was more powerful if he looked just like the Henshaw he knew.

Is Henshaw in the barn?

Henshaw’s location will be revealed next issue.

Why would Clark lie to Lois about Henshaw?

I don’t think “lie” is the word to use. As much as anything, their lives just took a remarkable turn with their identities and presence almost being revealed, which is an incredibly traumatic thing for them. Henshaw arriving alone would only add to the stress of it all.

It’s more like, “We’ll get into tall that when the time is right.” Especially since Clark doesn’t have answers right now anyway.

What can you tease about the woman looking for the Oblivion Stone?

Nothing! More on that to come as well!

Who's Blanque? Is there a difference between creating new villains for this Clark versus characters who are operating in the open?

There is a difference. It means that their stories have to be resolved a different way, out of the public eye.

It’s also important to note that this Superman doesn’t have a relationship with the authorities. That changes things quite a bit as well.


What Superman says to Cat here: "Without trust, we aren't effective." He doesn't have a qualifier there, like "as effective" or anything like that. How does it impact somebody who has this belief to be operating in the post-Flashpoint DCU and forced to operate in secret?

I think that’s very much what our series is about.


Superman noted his new world’s lack of trust right from the start. He and Lois were both tuned in to it right away.

This is something they have been struggling to adjust to right from the start. It’s why the feel so protective of Jon and why I’ve also made note of the fact that he has no relationship with the authorities. It’s part of what makes their lives so incredibly different, despite the fact that it’s another earth.