Pokemon GO Hack Proves Ditto Is Real

When it comes to Pokemon, most trainers just want to catch ‘em all. However, some more mischievous players may simply settle for catching a bunch of Dittos to impersonate any original pokemon. For Pokemon GO players, there’s just one problem with that plan: Ditto isn’t available in the game. It’s the only non-legendary pokemon being kept hidden in Pokemon GO’s code, but one determined player has just discovered a hack that’ll make the shape-shifting pokemon appear.

Youtuber FrozenAquaCat recently uploaded a video entitled, “Pokemon Go client modification Ditto encounter,” that shows the player walking up to a Weedle which turns into a...Ditto? When the gamer interacts with the common bug-type Weedle, the scene shifts to reveal there's a Ditto with CP 162 in front of them. While players would need a pretty good understanding of coding to replicate FrozenAquaCat’s results, the trainer did explain how he forced the creature to appear.

The user notes that Weedle’s Pokedex number is 13, and that very same number is also used as Weedle’s encounter ID. An Encounter ID, basically, is what Pokemon GO’s game client uses to tell your mobile phone which pokemon you've discovered. Funny enough, Ditto’s Pokedex number/Encounter ID is 132 - Do you see where this this going? The user was able to modify Pokemon GO’s game client by forcibly inserting code into the app, making the game mistake the Encounter ID of 13 for 132. So, ta-da! Suddenly, all of your Weedles will now become Dittos!

FrozenAquaCat did note that he’s unable to catch Ditto despite its appearance. He says the game will crash if he attempts to throw any pokeballs at Ditto or tries to use any of the game's menu options. Still, at the very least, it’s nice to see Ditto blobbing around. Pokemon GO fans have been anxious to catch the gelatinous character since the franchise’s legendary pokemon are still unavailable in game. So, now let's see if any other players find a code to make Mew magically appear.