Genndy Tartakovsky is Up For an Animated 'Samurai Jack' Movie

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(Photo: Adult Swim)

With Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Games hitting theaters this weekend, director Genndy Tartakovsky is gearing up for his next project. While he has something in mind already, the idea of a Samurai Jack film in the format of today's popular 3D animation is something he has tossed around.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Tartakovsky admitted he had considered such a film and isn't completely ruling it out from the future. "Yeah. That's some I had talked about, doing a feature that's just as artistic as the TV show, but in the CG medium," Tartakovsky said. "And, then I started to get ideas of how to do that, how to take advantage of it... And so, it could easily be done, but I feel like, now that I've finished Jack, I probably will try to do something original."

At the same time, Tartakovsky once thought himself done with the Hotel Transylvania franchise after its second film, but a change of heart came along while he was on vacation.

"Basically, after I finished the second movie, I was kind of burnt out, and I thought I was pretty much done with the franchise," Tartakovsky said. "And then, that holiday, my mother-in-law and my wife's dad, they invited us on a cruise. And as we were boarding the ship, and it was a New Year's cruise, and so it was all families... and then it kind of hit me! I started to realize, 'Right, what a perfect setting for our monster family?' You can do a lot of the same themed jokes, from the hotel, but on the water. And then, I always wanted to do the story of Dracula falling in love, with his enemy, and everything started to come together."

Samurai Jack has already been revived once, with a new batch of episodes having been released in 2017. With the popular animated series' story having concluded and on the heels of a third Hotel Transylvania film, Tartakovsky is looking for something wholly new and original to dive into.


"I can't share," Tartakovsky said, "but I'm working on something."

Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Games is now playing in theaters.