Seth Green Discusses Getting His Role on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.


Seth Green, the Family Guy and Robot Chicken actor who plays Rick Jones on the upcoming Disney XD series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., told Blair Butler on a special Fandom edition of Earth's Mightiest Show on Wednesday that he'd never particularly thought of the role--until it was offered to him.

"So this all happened because Jeff Loeb, who I've known for a good long time," Green explained, "who writes comics, who's pretty awesome, called me and was like 'Hey… do you know who Rick Jones is?' and I was like yeah yeah I know who Rick Jones is… he was like 'Did you ever think about playing Rick Jones?" And I was like [shocked face] no til just this second. He was like 'Would you want to play Rick Jones on a cartoon?'  I was like if I was ever going to get play a Hulk, because Joss didn't call me about Bruce Banner, chance is it would be in this circumstance. So I'm doing it."

He also gave a little insight into the nature of the series, saying, "This show is an attempt to show the Hulk as something more than a monster. So Rick Jones has created a reality show - he's got robot cameras that are following him all around. And he captures the Hulk, and She-Hulk and the Red Hulk and Scar and other Hulk-like characters doing good things, helping people…not just destroying stuff. That's what it is: 'hey look the Hulk is awesome, he's not a monster!'"