Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Honest Game Trailer

star wars battlefront
(Photo: EA)

Star Wars: Battlefront is a beautiful video game. It has incredibly detailed landscapes, weaponry, costumes, and vehicles, plus a soundtrack that all serve to make you feel like you're really inside the Star Wars universe. The game lets you suit up and join an epic battle and... that's it, as this new Honest Game Trailer says.

The trailer points out the beauty of the game, too, before skewering it for everything it's missing, like an actual campaign, the most common complaint from fans and critics alike. "Shoot things... harder as Han Solo and Princess Leia" brought the laughs particularly hard.


While the game can be a blast, it has its flaws, and that's where this series focuses, of course. Have a laugh, admit what's wrong... then go back to loving your one moment of greatness surrounded by your 20 moments of horrifying failure at the hands of a 12 year-old.