Stephen Colbert Takes Galactus Selfie, Devours Lunch

Incoming Late Show host, and known Marvel Comics fan, Stephen Colbert is kicking off a new web series by taking a selfie as Galactus.

Taking a photo as Marvel’s world-devourer is somewhat appropriate, as the new series has Colbert sharing his lunch break with fans throughout the week. You can see the first episode of the series, which begins with Colbert taking the selfie, below.

Colbert has already appeared in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, and was last seen leaving The Colbert Report behind with Captain America’s shield on his arm. We’re still waiting to see if the shield shows up on the new Late Show set, but it’s good to know that Colbert still has some comic book ephemera around the office.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres Sept. 8 on CBS.