Superman Loves Wonder Woman: Some Answers


writer Dan Jurgens joined us for our usual monthly commentary on his final issue of the series, which came out Wednesday.

While the interview itself will run later today, the furor surrounding the pairing up of Superman and Wonder Woman demanded that we ask the outgoing Super-writer a few questions about that relationship, and we figured we'd put the answers out there in advance of the rest of the conversation.

"When I was writing the book it was in the background, nothing we had to deal with yet," Jurgens said of the budding relationship, which will reportedly begin in Justice League #12 and have far-reaching ramifications in the DC Universe.

Asked whether Superman's date with Lucy Lane was somewhat awkward, given the strange timing that it came in an issue released the same day as the Wonder Woman relationship was announced, Jurgens said that it wasn't even a consideration.

"I had finished work on Superman a few months ago so it was definitely in my rearview mirror," the writer said. "In addition, Clark had one date with Lucy. We never said it meant 'exclusive', and the [Wonder Woman] thing had been in the works for quite a while."


And then there was that other thing--the rumor that the order for the two to be paired up had come down from on high in order to jive with what Warner has planned for the Justice League and/or Man of Steel films, Jurgens said that anything is possible, but gave no real clues as to whether he knows where the idea came from.

"Ideas and plans often emerge from multiple discussions involving multiple people," the writer said. "That's certainly possible here."