Superman's Trunks: Now YOU Can Retcon Them Out of Supergirl #17!

After our earlier story about Supergirl #17, in which colorist Dave McCaig inadvertently added Superman's classic yellow trunks and red belt onto an image of his New 52 costume, Kill All Monsters! artist Jason Copland tagged McCaig in a comment on our Facebook page, playfully calling the artist's attention to the oversight. "Ha! Whoops. MY BAD," commented McCaig, adding, "I blame the vintage Superman statue next to my monitor for leading me astray." We speculated at the time that DC would likely repair the gaffe in the digital and trade editions. Shortly afterwards, though, he returned to the story's comments thread with a special surprise for readers: a link to the image at right, "The Unofficial Supergirl #17 Continuity Repair Kit," which you can cut and paste over your copy of the offending image. "Sorry, internet! Here's a print and paste quick-fix," McCaig wrote. Well played! Now, if only we could get one of these to explain what happened to Superman's parents.