Tekken x Street Fighter Confirmed As Still In Development

Tekken x Street Fighter
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

The recent reveal that Akuma will be coming to Tekken 7 may have jogged some memories about the 2010 announcement of Tekken x Street Fighter, one of two games that would bring the characters from both fighting franchises crashing together.

Tekken x Street Fighter was intended to be the Bandai Namco developed companion to the Capcom developed Street Fighter x Tekken. Where Capcom's game, released in 2012, introduced the Tekken characters to the 2D gameplay of Street Fighter, Bandai Namco's release would do the opposite, bringing the World Warriors into the 3D combat of Tekken.

French website Gamesblog caught up to senior designer Michael Murray and asked him about the project's status.

"[Tekken x Street Fighter] is still in development," Murray said. "It's difficult at the moment to find a period to launch the game since Tekken 7 was released. For the moment, we are focusing on Tekken 7."

Capcom's upcoming launch of Street Fighter V likely only complicates the matter further.

Tekken x Street Fighter was originally intended for a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release. While Murray wouldn't say anything definitive about a release platform, he did say that the game is being developed on PC, making it possible we'll see a release on current gen consoles.

via Shoryuken