The Expanse Recap with Spoilers: Windmills

Trying something new! Watch the show for how this all plays out chronologically, but if you just [...]

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Trying something new! Watch the show for how this all plays out chronologically, but if you just need to catch up on one of the main storylines, this organization should help.


The episode starts with a recently fired Miller trying to record a message about Julie to her father, Mr. Mao. He apologizes, and tells him that Julie is – or was – a good person.

Miller meets with Anderson Dawes who gives him some cryptic words of inspiration. "When you've lost everything, maybe then you'll see your way home."

After leaving the bar, he goes back to Julie's room once more. Throwing anything and everything off the shelves, desperately searching, he finds nothing. A bird hovers outside in the low gravity and catches his eye. He gets a message from Eros saying a pod/shuttle from the Anubis is docked there, but the Anubis itself never made it.

Miller gathers up every bit of money he has into a sock. He leaves his beloved hat on the hook, and leaves his apartment like a man leaving forever. When he goes to sell stuff at the pawn shop, Octavia comes up – he left her a message and she thought it was a suicide note. He tells her he's going to Eros to "see the sights." She wants to go with him, and he says she can't. The only thing he's taking with him is a necklace of Julie's he found.

Miller leaves Ceres on some kind of transport ship full of belters.

The Roci:

On the Roci, things are going to be tougher on this little mission than it seemed. Going through Martian patrol lanes will be tough. There's a bit of flirting between Holden and Naomi, and Amos isn't happy with it.

When he goes to check out some sort of transmission hidden in the hull of the Roc, Amos finds a real surprise – a stowaway from Tycho, sending some kind of message. Yeah, that's gonna be a problem. Amos beats the guy's head against the wall until his suit containment is broken.

The guy from Tycho says he was just trying to get away from Fred Johnson and hitched a ride. The MCRN is coming after them now after that transmission, so they throw the guy down into the airlock, and try to figure out their next plan.

The boarding vessel starts flying toward the Roc. The crew sends the MCRN their flight plan and – it doesn't go well, and they say they're going to board and inspect the vehicle.

Tycho guy swears he can get them out of this, but Amos isn't buying it. Inside the airlock, there's a console, and the guy seems to think he can hack it – he has some kind of overlay HUD over his eyes. Hmm. He definitely does something, but closes it up before Amos comes back.

Tycho Guy tells the crew that there are "Micky units that disguise themselves to carry out black ops," and all they have to do is deliver some specific code, and the MCRN will back off, thinking they're disguised special ops. Holden uses the key he got from the dead Martian lieutenant – but it needs a 24 digit security code, too. "Donkey Balls," Alex says. Indeed.

They're trying to bust into the security locker. Amos wants to set up a backup plan – shooting the boarding party in the head. Holden doesn't like that idea, because he doesn't want any more innocent lives lost.

The docking tube extended, Amos is ready to kill them, Holden's ready to kill him to stop them, and the MCRN folks are ready to breach to come in… and Naomi manages to open the security crate. They use the code words, and the MCRN backs off.

Holden tells Naomi to get Amos under control, because she's the only one who can. Amos and the spy share an interesting look between them.

The spy and Holden have a private chat. The spy is trying to convince Holden of… something – but he's also trying to scan him with his computer eyes, so who knows what's really going on.


On Earth, Chrisjen makes a solo journey out to a cabin. She meets someone there, a woman named Elise, and heads inside.

Chrisjen and Elise talk about her son – and that's Jim Holden. Chrisjen thinks he might be involved in the destruction of the Cant. "I have two governments and whatever the hell the OPA calls itself on course for a war I want to stop," she tells Elise. She wants Jim Holden to make sense to her.

Chrisjen admits that Jim is still alive. Jim "has all eight of us in him, but I carried him in my belly for nine months," Elise said. Huh. Chrisjen is trying to figure out why Jim left, and opens up a bit, telling her that her own son died because he followed her way of doing things into a career in the military.

Elise opens upright back now, telling Chrisjen Jimmy was raised to be a leader – but to lead the group that owned this land. The day before his 18th birthday, she sent him away. "I didn't like what we were doing to him."

Chrisjen comes outside and talks with the UN Secretary General, tells him that Holden is not a threat. Turns out the spy from Tycho was actually the UN's spy, though, and now the UN head wants Holden and his crew taken "off the board." An Earth black ops team is being sent after them.

That's it for this week's episode! Be back next week for a thriller as stories start to converge (finally)!