The Walking Dead: How Does Deanna Die In The Comics?


Spoilers follow for tonight's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead comic books.

In tonight's relatively tame mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we bid farewell to Deanna Monroe, the former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Her death, while quite different from her comic book counterpart's, had some striking similarities to it, as well.

In the comics, Deanna Monroe's equivalent was named Douglas Monroe. In Douglas' final issue, #83, he goes out in a blaze of fire while becoming walker chow. He had decided to commit suicide just as the Safe-Zone's walls fell and rather than killing himself, he loaded up his gun and tried to take out some walkers on his way out. However, as he went down with herd, he fired gunshots without aiming, one of which struck Carl in the eye.

Deanna's death was obviously slightly different, but had the similarity of going out and taking some walkers down, too, rather than simply committing suicide for an easy way out.

The Walking Dead returns February 14, 2016.