Watch Out For a Fantastic Four Easter Egg in the Lucifer Pilot


Coming tomorrow on FOX, the latest comics-to-TV adaptation will be Lucifer, a loose retelling of the DC/Vertigo series in which the notorious fallen angel came to Earth.

We've already seen some pop-culture savvy related to the show -- on Supernatural last week, that show's version of Lucifer joked about moving to Los Angeles and solving crimes, which in a nutshell is what FOX's supernatural procedural is about.

A little more pop culture fun to be had? Unless they've digitally altered it, there's likely to be a Fantastic Four billboard in the Los Angeles cityscape during the show.

Back in October, visited the set of Lucifer and, when we visited the title character's apartment, looked out at the cityscape beyond his windows to see...well...


Yep, that's a billboard for Fox's failed Fantastic Four reboot with Creed star Michael B. Jordan.

We're sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Of course, who knows if they'll even use that backdrop? It could be digitally removed, the backdrop could be digitally redone altogether, or any number of other things -- but be on the lookout for a sighting not of another Vertigo character making their way through the world of Lucifer...but for the Fantastic Four.


Lucifer premieres tomorrow -- Monday, January 25 -- at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.