Will Avengers Movie Re-Release Help It Break All Time Box Office Record?

Avengers Re-Release

Disney is taking our advice and re-releasing The Avengers in movie theaters. Earlier this summer, we encouraged Disney to go for the all time domestic box office record and to re-release The Avengers in late summer as a director’s cut. At the time, it created quite the stir online with some sites reporting that they had sources saying it was a possibility.

Even though Disney wouldn’t officially comment to us, other sites claiming to be in the know said a re-release just wasn’t going to happen in any shape, form, or fashion. Still other sites said it was not something Disney was planning, but it might happen only because we brought it up and it gained such momentum online.

Now, it looks like Disney is taking our advice, or at least part of it. On the official Avengers Facebook page, it was announced that The Avengers will be back in theaters for Labor Day weekend. According to a promo image, it will be a limited engagement from August 31 to September 6.

However, as far as we know, it looks like it will be a re-release of the same version of The Avengers. Or will it be? Far be it from us to start a rumor, but the Facebook post announcing the return of The Avengers adds, “Don’t forget to stay through the credits.” Could Disney change out the after the credits scene with something new?


Regardless, it’s a great move by Disney, given the lackluster performance of most new releases last week. There’s probably a pretty good chance that the re-release of The Avengers could actually win the Labor Day weekend box office. Now, we wonder if Disney had this planned all along, or if it’s only happening because the idea we put out there took off on the Internet?

So will this Avengers re-release help The Avengers capture the all time number one spot at the U.S. box office? The Avengers is currently number three on the all time domestic box office list with $617.8 million. The Avengers would have to have quite a successful re-release to move up the charts, as Titanic sits in the number two spot at $658.7 million and Avatar sits in the number one spot with $760.5 million. The Avengers could have a chance at overtaking Titanic, but Avatar is probably out of reach. Now, if Disney would just go full steam with our idea and also put a director’s cut in theaters, then Avatar could fall.