X-Men Noir First Issue Getting Second Printing


There are certain things that you can count on in life. One of them is that pretty much any first issue starring the X-Men is going to sell out. Such is the case with X-Men Noir #1. In addition to being an X-Men first issue, X-Men Noir #1 is also the beginning the highly anticipated Marvel Noir line of comics. Other series already announced for the line include Spider-Man Noir and Daredevil Noir. The Marvel Noir line takes Marvel characters and re-imagines them as if they were living in the 1930’s. X-Men Noir #1 has sold out at the distributor, but Marvel has announced that they will be going back to press with X-Men Noir #1 Second Printing Variant. The second printing will feature the same interior art of Dennis Calero but will have a brand new cover. X-Men Noir #1 is written by Fred Van Lente, who is also known for his work on Incredible Hercules and Marvel Zombies 3. X-Men Noir #1 is the first issue of a four issue min-series. The second printing of the first issue is schedule to arrive in comic book stores on January 7, 2009.