X-Men: The Kissing Event From Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

Following the fall  of the Bendis boards, one of Brian Michael Bendis's first posts on social media was the image above, a tease of what he joked is the X-Men Kissing Event from himself and Sara Pichelli.

When a fan asked him for an X-Men-related tease, here's what Bendis had to say, via his Tumblr:


x-men related!!??  well, don't say i never gave you anything for your birthday.

this is real.  this is my sara pichelli and this, again, is part of the marvel 75th anniversary,

the x-men kissing event is happening!!

Since it's listed as part of the 75th anniversary, it's likely a variant cover for something that's already been solicited, or perhaps a pin-up or a splash page for one of the anniversary issues. After all, the 75th anniversary won't really make sense for the January solicitations...!