The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Internment

The “Internment” episode of The Walking Dead opens with Rick Grimes driving back to the [...]

The Walking Dead Internment Maggie

The "Internment" episode of The Walking Dead opens with Rick Grimes driving back to the prison, after having sent Carol on her way at the end of the last episode. As leaves blow in the wind, a solemn Rick stares down at the watch Carol gave him as he drives. Back at the prison, Hershel is treating one of the ill named Henry, who is coughing up blood and struggling to breath. Glenn and Sasha help as Hershel inserts a breathing tube into Henry's throat. As Glenn and Sasha cough, Hershel instructs them to drink some of his tea. Hershel tries to lighten the mood by saying they need to make some new rules before the others get back. He declares that they should have spaghetti Tuesdays on every Wednesday, but first they must find some spaghetti. Hershel asks Sasha to take over pumping the breathing apparatus for the patient. Then, he invites Glenn to go on his rounds with him. Hershel shines his light to look at a man whose mouth is covered in blood. The man is motionless, and Glenn pulls out his knife to keep the man from turning, but Hershel stops him. Hershel doesn't want Glenn to do it in front of the others, so he asks Glenn to help get the dead man on a gurney. Lizzie shows up and asks Hershel what they are doing, and Hershel says they are taking Mr. Jacobson to a quieter place. Hershel tells Lizzie to go and get his copy of Tom Sawyer that her assignment is to read it, but Lizzie says she won't finish it. When Hershel asks why, Lizzie says because it's going to get too dark. After Lizzie leaves, Glenn and Hershel wheel Mr. Jacobson away. Glenn asks Hershel if he's had to take care of any of the dead yet, and Hershel says no that Sasha took care of doing what needed to be done for the last person that died. As Mr. Jacobson starts to revive as a walker, Glenn stabs him in the head. Maggie is waiting behind the glass visiting window at the prison. When Hershel walks out by himself to meet her, Maggie demands to know where Glenn is, and Hershel reassures her that he's just resting. Maggie offers to come in and help as well, but Hershel says no. Hershel assures Maggie that they are going to make it and asks her to hold it together. When Hershel walks back into the sick area, Glenn is waiting just inside the door. Glenn thanks Hershel for stopping Maggie from coming inside. Glenn didn't go with Hershel, because he was afraid if Maggie saw him that they wouldn't be able to stop her from entering to be with

The Walking Dead Internment Hershel

him. Maggie is at the prison fence killing walkers, when Rick drives up alone. Rick asks if Carl and Judith are ok, and Maggie says yes and asks where Carol is. Rick asks about the others, and Maggie asks again where Carol is. Rick tells Maggie that it was Carol that killed Karen and David. Rick tells Maggie that Tyreese is going to be back soon, and he didn't think Carol should be here, so he sent her off with a car and supplies. Rick says he will tell Hershel, but asks Maggie not to tell anyone else. Rick asks Maggie if she would have brought Carol back, and Maggie agrees that Rick was right to send her away. Rick goes inside the prison and runs into Carl. Rick asks if he's had to do anything with the sick, and Carl reassures Rick that he hasn't had to use his gun. Rick tosses a backpack of food to Carl, and Carl asks if he can come out of quarantine yet. Rick says no, but Carl points out that he was around those that were sick and didn't catch it. Carl wants to help, but Rick still says no. Back in the sick area, Hershel is taking a look at Dr. S. Dr. S insists that he's past the point that he can come back from the illness and that Hershel needs to focus on the ones that can make it. Dr. S. shows Hershel a case with a shotgun and ammo and tells him to make sure everyone's doors are shut. When Hershel insists on looking at Dr. S, he sees that the doctor is bleeding from the eyes. As Hershel makes his rounds, a man collapses and dies in front of him. Hershel pulls out a knife and tells everyone to get back in their cells. Sasha comes over to help Hershel get the man on a gurney. Sasha is weak after lifting the man, and Hershel tells her to go to her cell to rest. Hershel covers the man's head before stabbing him in the brain. Rick shows up at the glass window behind Hershel. Hershel tells Rick that the man he just stabbed is the third one that they've lost. Hershel tells Rick that he didn't want the others to see, and Rick tells him that the others are seeing him with the courage to keep going. Hershel tells Rick that he still believes that there is a plan and a reason for what's happening. Then, Rick tells Hershel that he needs to talk to him about Carol. After the conversation that occurs off camera, a shaken Hershel goes back to shut the cell doors of the sick. As Hershel goes around a corner, he sees Sasha's motionless legs sticking out of her cell. He grabs his lantern and checks her neck for a pulse. As Hershel works on trying to help Sasha, a dead woman in another cell awakens as a walker. Outside the prison, Rick and Maggie are propping up the fence with wooden poles. A walker grabs Rick by the leg, and Maggie quickly chops the walker's arm off. Back inside the prison, Sasha has reawakened. Hershel tells Sasha that she just passed out from being dehydrated. Sasha says that Hershel was crazy for coming inside with the sick, but she says that she wouldn't be here right now if he wasn't so stupid. Glenn is taking a turn pumping the breathing apparatus for Henry, when he realizes that Henry has stopped breathing. He tries to administer CPR, but he starts coughing himself and collapses to the floor. Hershel is talking to a healthy man who is tending to his son, when Lizzie walks into the cell with Glenn. Henry starts coming back as a walker. As Lizzie screams for Hershel, a female walker comes ambling out of another cell. The female walker jumps on top of Hershel, but he yells for everyone to stay in their cells. The healthy man comes out of his cell with a gun to shoot the walker, while a woman tries to pull the walker off Hershel. As the healthy man aims his gun, another walker comes up behind him and bites his arm, causing him to jerk and shoot the woman instead. Rick and Maggie are outside the prison chopping wood, when they hear the gunshot. Rick tells Maggie to go that he will take care of the fence. Hershel is struggling to get back up to his feet, and he looks over at a walker eating the man with the gun. Meanwhile, Lizzie is coaxing walker Henry away from Glenn. Rick goes inside the prison looking for Carl. Carl comes around the corner and says he heard gunshots, and Rick says he needs his help. While trying to coax walker Henry away from Glenn, Lizzie trips and falls backward. Walker Henry falls on top of Lizzie, and she screams. Hershel runs up and pulls the walker off of Lizzie and manages to push walker Henry over a railing. Hershel asks Lizzie where Glenn is, and she says that he's in Henry's cell. Maggie reaches the sick area and bangs on the door for Hershel to open it. She then starts trying to chop the door open with an axe, but she's unsuccessful. Hershel locks Lizzie away in a cell, and he rushes to tend to Glenn. The sick area is now overrun with walkers, so Hershel goes to get the shotgun from Dr. S, but Dr. S has already turned to a walker.  Hershel stabs Dr. S. in the head and enters his cell to get the gun. Outside the prison, Carl is helping Rick reinforce the fence. Carl asks if they should check on the sick, but Rick tells him if things had gotten bad, then they would have heard more shots. Rick tells Carl they have to keep working on the fence. One of the posts on the fence gives, and suddenly several walkers are inside the exterior fence. Rick tries to hold off the walkers and tells Carl to run. Rick is able to catch up with Carl, and they make it to the other side of the interior fence as walkers swarm through the exterior fence. Hershel has Dr. S's shotgun and is loading it with ammo. Outside Rick has grabbed two automatic rifles and is showing Carl how to use one. When the walkers push their way through t

The Walking Dead Internment Hershel

he interior fence, Rick and Carl mow them down. Inside the prison, Hershel is coaxing the walkers to him. Maggie is still struggling to get inside the sick area, and she finally shoots out the glass visitor window. As the walkers get closer to Hershel, he blasts them away with the shotgun. Hershel reaches Glenn, who is now couching up a lot of blood. Hershel tells Glenn to hold on that they have something that will help. Hershel rushes to get the breathing apparatus that is still attached to walker Henry, who he had flipped over the railing. Maggie is looking for Hershel and dispatching walkers as she goes. She comes across Hershel struggling with the walker with the breathing apparatus. Maggie is about to shoot the walker, when Hershel yells that she might hit the bag and that they need it for Glenn.  Maggie takes close aim and shoots the walker without hitting the bag. Maggie rushes to Glenn, who is not turning blue. Maggie holds Glenn down, while Hershel rushes to insert the breathing tube.  Glenn starts breathing again, and Maggie tells him that he's going to be ok. Hershel tells Maggie that she didn't want him in there, but Maggie tells him that she had to come inside. Then, Lizzie comes walking around the corner. Hershel tells Lizzie that he told her to stay put, and Lizzie asks if it is over. Outside the prison, Carl and Rick are stabbing the remaining walkers in the head that they mowed down with the automatic rifles. As Carl reassures Rick that everything is going to be ok, they see Daryl and his group driving up. Tyreese rushes inside to see how Sasha is doing. As Bob Stookey administers the medicine to Glenn, Maggie tells Hershel to go rest. Hershel goes back and stares at Dr. S's body. Hershel reads scripture from his bible, before he breaks down sobbing. Rick walks outside the prison, where Michonne is dragging away walker bodies. Rick offers to help, but Michonne says to go do his thing. Rick say she has to go talk to Daryl, but Carl interrupts, so Rick decides to wait. Hershel meets up with Daryl and Tyreese. He tells them that Glenn is stable. Daryl says that Glenn is a tough son-of-a-bitch and so is Hershel. Daryl asks Hershel if Carol is up in "A" block with Lizzie, and Hershel says that Daryl needs to talk to Rick about her. Hershel reassures Daryl that Carol is ok, but he just needs to talk to Rick about it. Michonne is heading out to dispose of the walker bodies, and she invites Hershel to come along. Rick and Carl are tending to the crops, when the camera pans outside the prison. Standing in some trees  outside the prison gates is The Governor. The End.