Kyle Higgins Teases What's To Come In Power Rangers War Event

War is coming to the Power Rangers universe, but Mighty Morphin writer Kyle Higgins set the record straight on what that does and doesn't mean.

The event was announced at New York Comic Con, where Higgins revealed the first teaser. It featured a crumbling lightning bolt with the words "The war is coming", but Higgins doesn't want you to think that means the Rangers themselves are fractured.

“This isn’t Civil War. This isn’t Rangers against Rangers,” Higgins told Inverse. “This is Lord Drakkon and his forces and their very ambitious desires. What the battlefronts are like, where and when, is very significant and unique. When you learn exactly what he wants, you’ll understand what the potential of this event is shaping up to be.”

As Higgins mentioned, the event will involve the return of Lord Drakkon, who came back with the other Rangers when they returned from the dark universe. The Rangers are unaware of that fact, and Drakkon has used that time wisely.

The War storyline has been in planned since the series first kicked off, but some big pieces will come into the series starting in issue #20. That starts the Rangers of 1969 story arc, where the current Rangers will meet the original team.

It's a team led by Grace Sterling, who is revealed to be the original Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #19. While there are many parts to this storyline, a substantial focus will be on how Jason and Grace interact.

“This story is about exploring leadership through the lens of Jason,” Higgins said. “Grace represents a former Ranger who has a life beyond being a Power Ranger. That relationship between Jason and Grace is at the heart of the story. If the Rangers are focused on saving the world, Grace and Promethea are focused on making the world worth saving."

Questions like what happened to the rest of the original team and what exactly happened on the moon in 1969 all remain unanswered, but fans won't have to wait long to get answers, as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20 hits comic shops on October 25, 2017.

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