Original Green Ranger Jason David Frank Has The Best Idea for Power Rangers Reboot

The Power Rangers reboot is a hot topic of conversation lately, especially now that some script details and a director have been revealed. One of the latest ideas being thrown around is pulling a concept from the BOOM! Studios comics, and it comes from the original Green Ranger Jason David Frank. Frank took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the upcoming reboot and what it could use, and that happens to be Lord Drakkon.

"Let's just put Lord Drakkon in the film that will sum it up haha !! #theycouldvebeengods #drakkon because any ranger can be crossed back through the boom comic universe," Frank wrote on Instagram. "I don't get why they don't use an easy formula… A proven one @kyledhiggins comment for the Lord bellow 🔽"

"@hasbro has never understood the power franchise..iys connection between us to you as mothers and father's… That is also pass down to their children for us to be their favorite rangers… Don't lose this opportunity of using the people to fans want to see… I'm down to do something but it Hass to be good and it Hass to connect to adults and children PG-13 ps Grammar sucks oh well too bad"

He summed up with a call to let Paramount and director Jonathan Entwistle know what you want.

"Don't for her the ^ Fans are heard " contact the director and Paramount and just be honest with them let them know you care and let them know we dominate the market."

Frank's words seem to have two main points. No. 1 is Lord Drakkon's story allows for a number of Rangers and fan-favorite teams to be integrated into the plot, introducing the multiverse that has served the comics so well and a villain that allows you to push the envelope but still retains a memorable face.

No. 2 seems to be that audiences want their favorite Rangers included in the movie and that not doing so ignores the more adult market that has become a big part of the franchise, adults who grew up with the franchise as kids and now have kids of their own.


So, the question is, do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!