Possible Spoiler Revealed For 'Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary Episode

Fans are already hyped for the big 25th Anniversary Power Rangers reunion episode, and this latest [...]

Fans are already hyped for the big 25th Anniversary Power Rangers reunion episode, and this latest tidbit should only increase that anticipation for longtime fans.

Possible spoilers incoming for the 25th Anniversary episode, so only look if you want to know.

We good? Awesome, time for the fun stuff. Reddit user EnergyDrink2004 posted a tip they received from someone on the show, and it will make fans of a certain couple very happy.

"Was talking to someone on the show (yes eye roll) and apparently Tommy & Kat are going to be married," he said. "Just like the Christmas episode showed. I am almost 98% sure this is going to happen. I can't 100% confirm it tho, I do have friends that like to troll me. Jason David Frank & Catherine Sutherland are both slated to appear in Super Ninja Steel."

Now, it's important to note that this is not official, and right now it can't be confirmed in any way. However, it isn't too far out of the realm of possibility either, as Jason David Frank recently teased some type of involvement with the big anniversary episode. If that was to happen, well, it would make sense that some reference was made to Kimberly Hart or Katherine Hillard, even if it was just a throwaway line.

But having Catherine Sutherland involved in the show as well? That would be amazing, and as previously mentioned, would also confirm a piece of Power Rangers history.

While Tommy and Kimberly are most often thought of when it comes to Power Rangers couples, they also had quite the memorable breakup. That paved the way for Katherine, who took over the Pink Ranger role after Amy Jo Johnson left the show. In the Christmas episode they are referenced as a couple, and doing so here would be a nice hat tip from Saban to fans.

Some will be upset that Tomy and Kimberly didn't ever get back together, but to be fair to Tommy, that note was pretty harsh. Cold blooded Kim, cold-blooded.

Fans will have to wait and see of course if this turns out to be true, but here's hoping that it does!

The 25th Anniversary episode will air next year during Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.