Power Rangers: New Characters Revealed For 'Battle For The Grid'

Anticipation is high for nWay and Lionsgate Games' Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and now a [...]

Anticipation is high for nWay and Lionsgate Games' Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and now a few more characters have been revealed for the roster.

The new characters page lists several characters we already knew about, including Mighty Morphin Red, Mighty Morphin Green, Megaforce Yellow, and Lord Drakkon, as well as Ranger Slayer and Goldar, but a few more entries have been added to the growing group, including Magna Defender, the Mastodon Sentry, and Kat Manx.

This should make fans of the franchise pretty happy, as the roster looks to be including characters from a variety of seasons and arenas while also giving those who love Mighty Morphin their favorite characters at the same time. For instance, the Mastodon Sentry will likely follow Ranger Slayer's influence and get a Mighty Morphin Black skin released later, as Ranger Slayer's Mighty Morphin Pink skin has already been listed as season pass content.

(Photo: nWay)

The big adds though are Magna Defender and Kat Manx, two fan favorites from Lost Galaxy and S.P.D. respectively. We knew there would be a lot of Mighty Morphin influence in the roster, so it's nice to see some other seasons added to the mix, and you can check out what they look like above and below.

(Photo: nWay)

The game is set to debut in the Spring, so we've got a few more characters to debut before the game fully releases, and we're hoping we see a few more seasons represented once all is said and done. Perhaps some In Space or Mystic Force love perhaps? Would love to see Udonna or Andros in there...just saying.

(Photo: nWay)

Thing is, the roster is already looking pretty slick, and the game is coming along nicely after seeing it in action thanks to their recent live stream. The jumping mechanics look much smoother as do the dashes, and the special attacks and supers are also impressive, though they should receive some extra police by the time the game releases to the public.

So, the question is, who do you want to see make the roster for Battle For The Grid, whether in its initial launch or via DLC later on? Let us know in the comments or hit me up @MattMuellerCB!


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