Power Rangers' Jacqueline Scislowski Talks Love from Ranger Nation, Teases Beast Morphers Season 2, and More

Power Rangers fans have come to love the newest team of Rangers in Hasbro's Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, and that is in large part due to the charm and personalities of the cast bringing those characters to life. You can definitely say that about the team's Yellow Ranger Zoey Reeves, who is brought to life by Jacqueline Scislowski in the hit show. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to speak to Scislowski about all things Power Rangers, including how life's changed since becoming a Ranger, her feelings on season 1, what she might have added to Zoey's season 1 journey, and what's up next for her just to name a few. First though we had to get some details on season 2, and if playing Zoey has changed much from one season to the other.

"Yeah, I think the biggest difference is probably that I think season one was sort of more the normal kind of expectation for all the original fans and everything," Scislowski said. "I think it's definitely more for laying the groundwork character-wise. Each character had their own episode, obviously. So I think in season one, you have to wait till the episode comes around till your character sort of develops another color or another kind of issue or internal battle of some sort. I think in season two, it's kind of awesome because all that has been laid down and now it's the juicier things and building on top of that. I think that sort of freed up a lot of things with Zoey and her interactions with the team and relationships are forming and things like that, so definitely a lot more freeing and juicy the second season."

Fan reaction to Beast Morphers season 1 was quite positive, and Scislowski couldn't be more thrilled with all the support she has received from Ranger Nation throughout this process.

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"The reaction was really amazing," Scislowski said. "I've always said that all of us felt like we had huge shoes to fill, which obviously we do, with Power Rangers being around for so many years. I think all of us had a lot of nerves going into this and hoping to make everybody sort of proud and also live up to all the executions and also bring some of ourselves and some new things into it as well while still making Ranger Nation happy. But we got such a great response and I think that the fans have really shocked me with how much they're even encouraging us when we're maybe not sure or almost discouraged with ourselves at times. The fans have always been there to be like, 'No, this is great. We love it. It's everything we could have hoped for and sometimes even more,' which is even more incredible."

We learned a lot about Zoey in the first season, though there is one aspect of her personality that she wishes could've had a bit more time onscreen, and that's Zoey's lighthearted side.

"Yeah, I would have loved to have a little bit more of a goofier side to her as well," Scislowski said. "I definitely really admire that she's always focused. I mean, she's very professional when she's doing her Yellow Ranger job and being a superhero to her is everything she's trained for and this is her life, so she definitely takes it seriously. But yeah, I definitely love to have a little bit of a goofy side, but she's also right the way that she is."

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As for season 2, we've already seen the first few episodes, but Scislowski says we haven't seen anything yet. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I've tended to say season one is very good. Season one is good. Season one is testing the waters, mixing things around, but season two is insane," Scislowski said. "There's going to be lots of things that you don't expect, some things that have developed further, there's going to be a lot. So I'm really excited, really excited."

This journey has been a whirlwind for Scisloswki with a host of standout moments, though perhaps the most surprising thing for her is how fans have embraced her as part of the Power Rangers family, regardless of which generation they happen to be a part of.

"The most surprising part has been how I never fail to get such a loving reaction from anybody that finds out that I'm a Power Ranger," Scislowski said. "I really didn't know how that would all come about because obviously it has been going on for so long, but you just don't even realize how many different generations of people really, truly loved it. This is their childhood or this is what motivated them through something or whatever it may be. It's definitely been so shocking and surprising that anybody that ever comes up to me or finds out that I'm a Power Ranger is so kind and so happy and wants to know all about it and thinks it's this amazing thing. If you lose the Power Ranger and you're kind of like, 'Nobody thinks I'm cool. I'm just me. Okay', it's definitely really cool. People truly find you kind of inspirational and really do see you as a superhero. It definitely translates into my real life and I'm like, "Okay, I've got to still fill the shoes of a superhero even on my time off' so to speak."

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Now that filming on Beast Morphers has concluded, Scislowski is keeping busy with a host of other projects, including two new film projects. "Yeah, so it's been pretty crazy," Scislowski said. "After the show, I moved actually because I previously lived in Chicago, but I officially moved back to L.A. permanently, which has been awesome and so exciting. I actually just wrapped two films, one is called the Root of Perfection, and that one's really cool. It's very unique and different and it was very much so fun to go straight from Power Rangers to that because it's super, super different. But also, I love my character in a project called Top of the Class, which will be coming out, I think, in September."

Like all of us, Scislowski is also trying to stay home whenever she can, and she's kept herself quite busy thanks to the Dollar Store, a Kazoo, and some wigs.


"All of this craziness has been going on, but thank God for Skype and Zoom," Scislowski said. "I've been doing a lot of auditions and meetings via that, so a lot of things still happening. I'm staying positive and trying to just keep up. I collected a bunch of stuff from the Dollar Store because I do these blueberry videos, and so I've got a kazoo on the end, a little clear net thing and a bunch of wigs. So we're making videos, we're keeping myself and my fans entertained."

You can catch Scislowski on Power Rangers: Beast Morphers every Saturday morning on Nickelodeon, and you can always hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!

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