Jason David Frank Could Be Done With Power Rangers Ahead of 30th Anniversary

It seems like with Power Rangers heading into its 30th Anniversary, one of the biggest stars to come out of the franchise is ready to move on as Jason David Frank opened up about his plans for the future and his currently in the works Legend of the White Dragon project in a special announcement to fans! As the Power Rangers franchise nears its next major milestone under Hasbro, there have been rumors about the potential plans that the company could have for the potential 30th Anniversary celebration outside of the currently in the works rebooted universe of TV and movies for Netflix. 

In a special Facebook live stream with fans (as noted by MrWeenieProductions on YouTube), Frank opened up about the reports of a potential reboot and not only revealed that he has not heard about any such project being in the works, but also explained that he's "done enough" for the Power Rangers franchise and is ready to move on and focus more on his currently in the works projects like Legend of the White Dragon with Bat in the Sun productions

(Photo: Hasbro)

"Any updates on David Yost's reboot? There is no reboot. There is no reboot. The rumors are rumors. There's nothing going on. I have not heard," Frank began before opening up about the fact that he wants to move on from the brand overall, "But right now I need to move on to The Legend Of The White Dragon. I don't want to cover my tattoos, I'm 49 years old. I've done enough for the Power Rangers brand, I love it. But now with situations that happened, I'm there's certain people that won't be in the reunion, if there was, I don't know." 

Elaborating further on possibly moving on, Frank stated, "But I'm saying that for me, after 30 years, I get give you give you a movie, that I get to wear, that me and Bat In The Sun created ten years ago. It takes about ten years to get things going and I never gave up. White Dragon comes out 2023 in March, next year where it's just like fine wine. It's under the two year mark and we're perfect. Movies take two to three years so I'll be looking for that movie too."

From the comments its tough to note whether or not Jason David Frank truly is done with the Power Rangers series given the proper opportunity, but his main focus is on the creative endeavors in which he can be more of himself as a performer rather than Tommy Oliver. But what do you think? Are you bummed to see Jason David Frank potentially leaving the long running franchise? Is now the perfect time to do so? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! 

via MrWeenieProductions