Power Rangers: Scorpion Comics Reveals Gorgeous New Variant Covers

The world of BOOM! Studios' Power Rangers comics is shaking up in a big way with the launch of two new series featuring two new teams. Mighty Morphin will focus on the original team with an all-new Green Ranger, while Power Rangers will focus on the Omega Rangers' adventures. Since it's such a big occasion Scorpion Comics is going all out with some awesome variant covers for both, and you can check out some of what they have in store in the image below, but there are also some amazing covers they're keeping hidden for just a bit longer.

To celebrate Mighty Morphin #1 Scorpion Comics enlisted artist Livio Ramondelli (Transformers, Kill Lock) to create a gorgeous group cover that features the Rangers and the Thunder Megazord. This one will be limited to 500 copies and will come with an individual number certificate of authenticity, but that's not all.

The next two covers were created by artist Carla Cohen and Alan Quah, and feature Kimberly Hart herself, the Pink Ranger, and Jason the Red Ranger respectively. Both covers are impressive and feature not only the Rangers but also their Zords. Both covers will be limited to 300 copies, and all three covers for Mighty Morphin #1 will be available on November 4th.

(Photo: Scorpion Comics)

While we don't know what the covers to Power Rangers #1 will look like yet, but we do know who is creating them, and Scorpion has assembled some A+ talent. Gabriele Dell Ottos carved out some time to create a Green Ranger cover, which will be available in Trade Dress and Virgin editions.

Artist Miguel Mercado was tasked with creating a White Ranger cover as well, while Lucio Parrillo has created a Lord Zedd cover Scorpion is pretty excited about, saying "We promise you, if you are a fan of Power Rangers and Villains (we love Villains!) you will not find a cooler image of Lord Zedd ANYWHERE else."


The Power Rangers #1 covers will release on November 11th, and you can check out Scorpion Comics' official site right here.

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