Power Rangers Vs Star Wars Fan Film Teases Jedi Ranger

The Last Jedi has brought about a fit of Star Wars fever, but what happens when the force goes up against a Power Ranger?

That's the question at hand in Carlos Danny Castellanos' new video, titled Star Wars vs Power Rangers. The film was created by We The Geeks of East L.A. and puts stars Danny and Luis at the opposite sides of a hypothetical fight between Kylo Ren and the In Space Red Ranger. The best part though is a surprise appearance by classic In Space Ranger Christopher Khayman Lee, but we'll get to that in a sec.

Up first though is the fight between Kylo Ren (Luis) and the Red Ranger (Danny), which starts by putting Ren at a distinct advantage due to his lightsaber and force powers. Luckily a Ranger is not without weapons to match, such as his Spiral Saber and Astro Blaster, and Danny even gets a great shot in that knocks Luis' lightsaber away.

Unfortunately, Ren is not going to go out easily, and things get truly crazy when Darth Vader shows up. Thankfully a mysterious friend shows up to give Danny a hand, whose face is hidden in a Jedi-like cloak. When the hood is lifted it is revealed to be none other than Andros, the original In Space Red Ranger. A helmet flash signals this, and he seems prepared to take on Darth Vader himself.

Star Wars vs Power Rangers is written by Jimmy Arias, with stunts provided by Darrel J Delfin and camera work provided by Marisol/Darrel.

You can watch the matchup in the video above.

Christopher Khayman Lee played the part of Andros during Power Rangers In Space but would return in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Wild Force during the beloved reunion episode Forever Red. It seems at some point he decided to become a Jedi, or at least look like one.


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As for Kylo Ren, he returns to the big screen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the second in the current trilogy that started in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.