Power Rangers' Original Red Ranger Has a Message for His Punk Facebook Impersonator

Someone's taken to impersonating Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Red Ranger, and Austin St. John has a message for the culprit.

Evidently, someone has set up a messenger account that mimics Austin St. Johns' Facebook account and is sending messages claiming to be the real deal. Fans have been reporting this to Austin and he's not too happy with the perpetrator. He took to social media to send the person responsible a message:

"This message is to whatever punk is out there on Facebook messenger, with a messenger under Austin St. John. With a profile picture that matches my profile picture, who's using my name and running around talking to people. Talking to my fans pretending to be me. Quit being a punk man. I know you're out there. I'm gonna find you. I'm going to report you. You better hope I don't find you in person. Quit pretending. Don't be a douche. First class, I mean really. You have no life? You've got nothing better to do with yourself? Don't pretend to be somebody you're not."

"For those of you who get an instant message on messenger from somebody claiming to be Austin St. John that has a messenger that's not attached to a Facebook page, it's not me. Screencap it, send it to me, and I'm going to make sure he's caught. Peace out," St. John said. "TO THE Facebook messenger fool pretending to be me.-ASJ. #DOUCHNOZZLE #PUNK #FAKE #powerrangers."

You can watch the entire video above.

So, if you get a fishy looking message from Austin St. John and it isn't tethered to his official Facebook page, make sure to take a screencap and send it his way.

St. John, of course, starred as Jason Scott, the original Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Since then he reprised the role in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (though not in morphed form) and the reunion episode "Forever Red". He would also star as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo for a time. Since then he's not returned to the show, but at one point he was asked to be a part of Super Megaforce's Legendary Battle.


"They reached out to me for Mega, uh, I can't remember what it was, Megaforce Smackdown or I don't know, I think I'm mixing wrestling in there somewhere, but they reached out to me for that via email, but at the time I was in the middle east for the war," St. John told ComicBook.com. "So I was over there for four years, I couldn't exactly leave what I was doing. 'Hey guys, listen man I gotta step away to go film something in New Zealand. I'll be back in a week. Good luck, the band-aids are over there, bullets are over there, wish you the best', so obviously, I had to turn down that role."

Fans can meet several of the Mighty Morphin Rangers at this year's Power Morphicon, and you can view the full announced list right here.