Star Trek Producer Still Thinking About How to Bring Back Pike, Spock, and Number One

Star Trek: Discovery's second season introduced Anson Mount’s Capt. Pike, Ethan Peck’s Spock, and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One. Fans took to these new incarnations of classic characters and some have been campaigning to see more of them in a spinoff series. While it doesn’t sound like anything solid is in the works yet, Star Trek producer Alex Kurtzman tells Deadline’s Crew Call podcast that the idea hasn’t been forgotten.

“I would be remiss in saying you’re going to see Spock again on Discovery because we’ve obviously jumped so far into the future that it wouldn’t make sense,” Kurtzman says, referring Discovery’s leap more than 900 years into the future at the end of its second season, “but the idea of bringing Ethan [Peck] back, and Anson [Mount] and Rebecca [Romijn] and the Enterprise, I mean, we loved it so much, and to find a way to do that is definitely something we’re thinking about.”

Peck and Romijn will reprise their respective Star Trek roles for an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Short Treks. Peck has said in past interviews that he would love to play Spock again.

“I would like to come back because being a part of Star Trek is like magic,” Peck said. “It’s funny, I think Star Trek is so divisive amongst people in the world that are like, ‘Never seen it, not interested.’ And those that do see it are very attached and find themselves very connected with it. To be a part of something like that is just really special. Now I feel like I’ve done a lot of the groundwork and Spock is very much a part of me. I’m the same but different having finished it. So would I like to continue? Yeah. I think it would be great.”

Kurtzman has previously stated that the calls from fans for a spinoff featuring Pike and Spock have been heard. “The fans have been heard,” Kurtzman said during an interview. “Anything is possible in the world of Trek. I would love to bring back that crew more than anything. It was a huge risk for us. One of the most gratifying things is to see how deeply the fans have embraced Pike, Spock, Number One and the Enterprise. The idea of getting to tell more stories with them would be a delight for all of us.”


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