'Star Trek: Discovery' Showrunner Teases a Very Different Spock in Season 2

A San Diego Comic-Con, Alex Kurtzman confirmed that Mr. Spock is coming to Star Trek: Discovery on [...]

A San Diego Comic-Con, Alex Kurtzman confirmed that Mr. Spock is coming to Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access in season two. However, don't expect this Spock to be overly familiar compared to the classic Star Trek version played by Leonard Nimoy.

Speaking to TV Guide, Kurtzman revealed that Spock hasn't quite matured into the confident embodiment of Vulcan logic that served as Captain Kirk's first officer in Star Trek: The Original Series.

"This is not entirely the Spock who has been formed enough to be the Spock that we know from TOS. There's a lot of story about who Spock was before he becomes the Spock that is the yin-yang to Kirk," Kurtzman said. "What I'm so excited about is that we have an opportunity to present a version of Spock that's both totally consistent with the Spock everyone knows but very, very different. And it's all gonna tie to how we sync up with canon."

There's actually an interesting opportunity to tidy up Star Trek canon here. Star Trek: Discovery takes place between the events of "The Cage," the very first Star Trek pilot, and the five-year mission of Kirk and crew that was the premise of Star Trek: The Original Series. Fans have noted that Spock in "The Cage" is much more openly emotional than his later self, openly grinning at the Talosian singing flowers that Captain Pike's crew discover rather than examining them with restrained and scientific curiosity. Perhaps Star Trek: Discovery will show how the Spock of "The Cage" became the Spock of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Kurtzman has also previously stated that the Spock of Star Trek: Discovery has already been cast and noted that Spock's devotion to logic does not mean he is completely unemotional.

"Everybody assumes that just because Spock is all about logic, that there is no emotion in there and that's entirely untrue," he says. "So, finding an actor who can convey what we know to be very Vulcan, but also reveal so much emotion in the eyes and in the small gestures, so you understand there's just a tornado of things happening under the surface is critical. So you need an actor who can do both of those things at the same time, which is very challenging."

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The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the United States, through CraveTV in Canada and through Netflix in other international markets. Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto and will premiere in January 2019.