Star Trek Fleet Command Adds Armadas

Star Trek Fleet Command has been upgraded with the addition of Armadas. Armadas are a way for [...]

Star Trek Fleet Command has been upgraded with the addition of Armadas. Armadas are a way for layers to sync up with members of their alliance to take on bigger threats in the Star Trek-themed free-to-play MMO strategy RPG. You can take a look a the Star Trek Fleet Command Armadas launch trailer in the video above. In order to participate in Armadas in Star Trek Fleet Command, players must first build an Armada Command Center, which is available at Ops Level 3. Then, choose one of the targets found in Level 20+ star systems across Federation, Klingon, Romulan and neutral space.

Armada Targets can only be attacked by Armadas as they are too strong for normal attacks to handle. Also, due to their size and power, Armada Targets are not affected by certain bonuses and abilities.

The Star Trek Fleet Command team offered players "everything they need to know" about Armadas in a post on the game's Reddit subreddit. Here's an excerpt:

"To start an Armada attack, you need the Armada Control Center building in your station. Starting at level 23, this building can be unlocked through a new research node called 'Unlock Armada Control Center' in the Station research tree. This research uses a new resource, Armada Tactical Cores.

Starting an Armada attack requires Armada Directives, a new resource. These can be acquired from the Alliance Store, and by upgrading the Armada Control Center (each new level grants some Directives). They can also be acquired, from completing Daily Goals (one of the milestone rewards will award some Directives dependent on your level) or purchased via the store.

Once you start an Armada attack on a target, it creates an 'Armada Pin' on the system map close to the target, with a zone around it.

The maximum number of ships that can take part in the Armada attack ranges from 2-5 and is determined by the building level of the leader's Armada Control Center (the Armada leader's ship also counts toward the max). You can join multiple Armadas with your ships, but only your strongest ship in each Armada will take part. (You can consider any extra ships as a backup in case your main ship gets taken out by another player). The ships that will be taking part in the battle will have a purple glow around them in the system.

When the timer runs out, the Armada leader's ship, as well as the most powerful ships that have joined the Armada and are within the Armada zone will all fight together against the target. If you take part in an Armada attack that defeats the target, you'll earn Armada Credits, which can be used to buy new reward packs in the Alliance store. One of the participants of the Armada will have the chance at receiving a loot chest with additional credits!"

Are you excited to try out Armadas in Star Trek Fleet Command? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek Fleet Command is available now on Android and iOS.