Star Trek: Lower Decks Star Broke the Strange New Worlds Enterprise, EP Teases "One More Ride" for Deep Space Nine

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2022 brought big news for fans of Star Trek: Lower Decks. In addition to a brand new trailer for the show's third season, premiering in August, we learned that Star Trek: Lower Decks will crossover with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in a split live-action/animated episode of Strange New Worlds' second season. "I think we don't want to say too much but a couple of Lower Deckers from Star Trek: Lower Decks do get pulled into an episode of Strange New Worlds, but do we want to tell them more?" Lower Decks creator and executive producer Mike McMahan teased while speaking to, alongside the show's cast, ahead of the Star Trek Universe panel.

Tawny Newsome, one of two Lower Decks stars, along with Jack Quaid, who will appear in the Strange New Worlds episode, chimed in. "Here's what I will say, this will not spoil anything: I'm a lifelong Trekkie. The Enterprise is a real place to me in my brain, so being on that set, it was magical. I want to apologize to the cast and crew and showrunners of Strange New Worlds because I broke so many things on that because in my mind, every slider, every button they're real, it's a real place. So everything I saw I would touch, I would press, I would slide, and I broke --" Newsome then trails off to confer with Quaid on how many things she broke. He says at least six, including something on the captain's chair. "I pulled a panel off the wall in the transporter bay… I'm basically Khan."

Something exciting seen in the new Lower Decks trailer is Deep Space 9, the eponymous space station of the beloved Star Trek series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. McMahan confirmed that the Cerritos will do more than a flyby involving the station.

"If you like Cardassian architecture and you like being inside of a Cardassian space station, we are going to Deep Space 9, we're going inside Deep Space 9, we have a whole episode that almost feels like It could have been in a later season of Deep Space Nine," he confirms. "So it's like getting one little more ride."

Star Trek: Lower Decks' third season has been promoted with posters referencing Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. While that's primarily a little nod for fans, there are also some shared themes between the two pieces of Star Trek canon.

"We love to use posters from previous Star Trek movies as nods in our posters because we love Star Trek," he says. "But there's a reason that Rutherford -- and we wish Eugen [Cordero] could be here, he's busy, he's filming -- but there's a storyline with Rutherford this season that does have to do with loss and memories and Search for Spock themes, which is why we chose to do the poster."

You can watch the full interview from Comic-Con above. Star Trek: Lower Decks returns for its third season on Paramount+ on August 25th.