'Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery' Launch Trailer Released

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery launched today, bringing Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet captains to Star Trek Online for the first time. Perfect World has released a new launch trailer to celebrate.

Fans will notice that the trailer features the voice of Star Trek: Discovery star Mary Wiseman as Cadet Sylvia Tilly. Wiseman voices her Discovery character in the Age of Discovery update and will serve as a guide for new players creating characters from the Discovery era.

"So, Tilly is basically your guide. She's at the Starfleet Academy and she guides you on a journey, basically. So, she's your best buddy and kind of helps you through the story and gameplay," Wiseman told ComicBook.com in an interview. "Definitely my first experience doing voice work. I was super green and didn't really know what to expect and a bit nervous about capturing Tilly but in this other modality. But then when I got in there, it was kind of amazing and the people were all working with were so kind. I felt the scripts felt very genuine to me, like the kind of things Tilly would say at this point in her life. And it came pretty easy actually. Pretty natural fit, which was really nice."

Age of Discovery begins in the year 2256, following the Battle at the Binary Stars. Players soon find themselves up again J'Ula, the matriarch of House Mo'Kai and sister of T'Kuvma who debuted in the IDW Publishing comic series Star Trek: Discovery – The Light of Kahless. ComicBook.com spoke to Light of Kahless co-writer Mike Johnson and Star Trek Online lead producer Al Rivera about making Age of Discovery the first major Star Trek comics and games crossover.

In addition to Wiseman as Tilly, players will encounter a few other familiar faces and at least one familiar voice, including Thy'kir Shran (voiced by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Jeffrey Combs), son of Thy'lek Shran from Star Trek: Enterprise.

Today's update is just the first installment of Age of Discovery. Additional episodes are on the way. In November, players can participate in the very first Featured Task Force Operation, which takes place around the Battle at the Binary Stars. Players will later be able to explore the forest planet of Pahvo from the Discovery episode "Into the Forest I Go" as part of Star Trek Online's anniversary event early next year.

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Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery is now live on PC, with consoles launches coming soon.